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Unemployment rate in J&K highest in India

Unemployment rate in J&K, highest in India

Ground Report | New Delhi: Unemployment rate in J&K; Highlighting the underbelly of Jammu and Kashmir on economic indices, the newly created Union Territory has registered the highest unemployment rate of 21.6 percent among all the states, union territories in India. Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) Jammu and Kashmir has an unemployment rate of 21.6 percent, as per the 2011 data, which is the worst among the states/union territories of India.

The unemployment rate is produced by CMIE using its Consumer Pyramid Household Survey Machinery. The CMIE has pegged India’s unemployment rate at 6.9 percent, which means that Jammu and Kashmir have a much higher unemployment rate than the national average.

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According to CMIE data, the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir has increased from 13 percent in August 2021 to 21.6 percent in September. According to official figures, Jammu and Kashmir is the only region in India where the unemployment rate exceeds 20 percent.

Unemployment rate in J&K

  • As part of the CMIE, May-August, 2021 unemployment rate report, 55.75 percent of youth with undergraduate and higher education degrees are unemployed. In contrast, the figure stands at a national average of 20.21 percent.
  • The state has the highest unemployment rate for illiterate people as compared to the neighboring states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, MP and Gujarat. A total of 28.06 percent of illiterate youth do not have any jobs. Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have zero percent unemployment rate in this segment, while it is 1.13 per cent in UP.
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In addition, rural India also saw an increase of 4.7 million in employment in manufacturing industries in September. Of this, employment in the food industries increased by 2.16 million, while the metal industries saw an increase of 1.5 million jobs and the textile industry added 0.2 million new jobs.

However, the service sector in rural areas gave up 6.8 million jobs, including retail trade, personal non-professional services, travel and tourism, and education.

According to CMIE, the number of unemployed in rural India declined to 18.1 million from 4.6 million in September, from 22.7 million earlier, with the addition of 6.5 million jobs in rural India last month. It said, “Most of the new jobs in rural India were of daily wage workers.”

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