Two Russian generals killed, another seriously injured in Ukraine

The Ukrainian military has announced the two Russian generals killed during an attack on a military operation in the city of Kherson, bringing to nine the number of Kremlin generals killed in the war in two months of conflict.

A third general was seriously injured, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The attack on the Russian forces took place at a point located a short distance from the battle line in the Kherson region. So far in the war, at least seven Russian generals have fallen on the front lines.

Some of them were detected thanks to satellite technology when they were located while using their conventional private telephones. Several analysts have highlighted the secret work of Western countries in providing espionage and intelligence support, which has been key to locating top Russian military commanders.

Meanwhile, Moscow has continued its campaign in southern Ukraine with the launch of high-precision missiles that destroyed a logistics terminal in Odesa on Saturday, where a large number of weapons supplied by the United States and several European countries were stored, according to reports. reports. the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to data from Moscow, his troops killed up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers and destroyed more than 30 vehicles, some of them armoured.

In recent days, Russia has concentrated on eastern Ukraine to conquer Mariupol and areas of Donbas. Military analyst Tom Cooper, in an interview with Ukraine’s NV media, claims that the West is overestimating Moscow’s capabilities. “The Russians would like to go from Izyum and Melitopol (via Zaporizhia) to the Dnieper.

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They are trying to position the Armed Forces in these areas, but they do not have the troops or the forces necessary to carry out such a large-scale operation. We are talking about distances of 200-300 kilometers and numerous lines of defence of the Armed Forces. The Russians clearly have trouble getting through one of these defence lines.”

In his opinion, the tactic of Army General Alexander Dvornikov, in command of the Russian military operations in Ukraine, “is to try to fight by launching massive artillery bombardment and a large-scale infantry assault against the enemy with the support of units of tanks. It didn’t work in Syria, and it won’t work here.”

Cooper believes that since Ukraine is a huge country, “it would not be enough to deploy even two hundred battalion tactical groups on a front of almost 500 kilometers.” Therefore, he concludes, “the Russians lack the manpower, firepower, and supplies for such an operation.”

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