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TwitterFiles: Hunter Biden’s Nude photos controversy

Hunter Biden Nude; Elon Musk's Twitter files revealed plenty of details about former executives' abuse of power while running the platform.

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TwitterFiles: Hunter Biden’s Nude photos controversy

Elon Musk's Twitter files revealed plenty of details about former executives' abuse of power while running the platform. In November, Elon Musk promised to publish evidence of Twitter's suppression of free speech, and on Friday he announced that he would reveal Twitter's role in suppressing news about Hunter Biden's laptops.

Hunter Biden’s Nude photos controversy

Matt Taibbi, author of "Griftopia," "The Divide," "The Business Secrets of Drug Dealing," and "Hate Inc" he put together a thread detailing how Twitter began to control the situation with delicately political implications.

"Little by little, over time, Twitter staff and executives began to find more and more uses for these tools. Users began requesting the company to manipulate the conversation: first a little, then more frequently, and then constantly," read the thread.

A thread on Twitter explains how both parties requested the social network to remove tweets

Later, he explains how both the Democratic and Republican parties were able to request Twitter to remove certain tweets, even though left-wing politicians had overwhelming control of the platform's "tools" to manipulate the conversation.

Taibbi then goes into the center of the thread, writing that "Twitter went to extraordinary lengths to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be 'unsafe.' They even blocked its direct message feed, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases." For example, child pgraphy. The four available files showed nude photos and videos of the president's son.

hunter biden nude photos

He said Twitter cited its "hacked materials" policy as the reason it suppressed the New York Post story about the contents of Biden's laptop.

The public now knows that "Biden just forgot his laptop at a repair shop and no one hacked into it for information, but Twitter didn't have 'the guts to reverse it,'" a former employee revealed.

Hunter Biden Nude
Hunter Biden Nude

Greene called "Twittergate" early Christmas gift

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared a video of then-President Donald Trump calling Joe Biden a "criminal" over the revelations revealed by his son's 2020 laptop and said the media is complicit in failing to report on Biden's corruption.

“We know he was and we knew it all along. And they too, that's why they broke the laws to hide everything. But now the laptop is in our possession. They are criminals. Trump was always right and he will be vindicated," said the Georgia politician.

Greene called "Twittergate" an early Christmas gift and called on House Republicans to investigate possible election interference in the 2020 race, alleging that the information printing spread to other social platforms and media outlets beyond Twitter.

The Twitter archives continue to expose messages transmitted to Szabo that express the attitude of Democratic lawmakers, who claim that "the First Amendment is not absolute."

Despite the left-wing view of how the Bill of Rights should work, both sides agreed that Twitter and other tech companies "are inept."

Democrats were also frustrated that Twitter, by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story, made the Biden administration look guilty despite having nothing to do with the situation.


Twitter Files
Twitter Files
Twitter Files

Trump was permanently suspended from Twitter for inciting violence following the January 6 Capitol riots in 2021. Musk has since invited him back, but the former president declined.

Caitlyn Jenner even joined the leagues of Republican leaders in condemning Twitter on Friday night.

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