Turkmenistan becomes first country to recognise Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: Country to recognise Taliban; Turkmenistan becomes the first Central Asian country to accept a Taliban-appointed ambassador from Afghanistan, since the Taliban regime took over Kabul in August 2021.

On Twitter, Farangis Najibullah, a Tajik-American journalist for Radio Free Europe, wrote: “Turkmenistan becomes the first country in Central Asia to accept the Taliban-appointed ambassador from Afghanistan.”

The inauguration ceremony for the new Taliban-led Afghan ambassador, Fazil-Mohammad Saber, took place in Ashgabat last Thursday, the Fergana news agency quoted. Turkmenistan Deputy Foreign Minister Vepa Hajiyev attended the ceremony to mark the inauguration of the new ambassador.

Following the Taliban’s seizure of power in August last year, thousands of Afghans fled the country fearing reprisals from the Islamic group. The human rights situation in Afghanistan has worsened since the fall of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s return to power in August last year.

Although the fighting in the country has ended, serious human rights violations continue unabated. The Taliban have committed and continue to commit human rights violations, including extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary arrests, a massive rollback of the rights of women and girls, censorship and attacks on the media.

In addition, the people in Afghanistan are also facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that is being driven by the decisions and positions taken by the international community, especially the US, which has blocked Afghanistan from aid funding and access to the global financial system. (Country to recognise Taliban)

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