आदिवासी अस्मिता, स्वायतत्ता और संस्कृति बचाने का संग्राम था बिरसा मुंडा का ‘उलगुलान’

Birsa Munda Death anniversary todya: Munda's 'Ulagulan' struggle to save tribal identity, autonomy and culture

बिरसा मुंडा : भारतीय विरासत की अमूल्य धरोहरों में से एक महान स्वतंत्रता सेनानी और जन लोकनायक बिरसा मुंडा की आज पुण्यतिथि है। झारखंड स्थित छोटा नागपुर स्थित एक गांव में बिरसा मुंडा का जन्म 1875 के दशक हुआ था। मुंडा एक जनजातीय समूह था जो छोटा नागपुर पठार में निवास करते थे। वर्ष 1900 … Read more

‘Everyone will be treated equally’, says Delhi LG Anil Baijal overruling Kejriwal’s decision

Ayushman Ojha & Lalit Kumar Singh, Ground Report: The Covid-19 Positive cases are rising rapidly in Delhi and it is close to the toll of 30,000 with more than 800 deaths. Amid the corona crisis in the capital, CM Arvind Kejriwal yesterday announced that “Only Delhiites will get beds in private, Delhi govt-run hospitals”. This … Read more

198 migrant workers killed in three months of Lockdown, Whom to blame?

Radhika Bansal | Ground Report Since the first phase of lockdown, the condition of migrant workers and laborers is bad, really bad. And as the lockdown went from first to second, second to third, third to fourth, fourth to the fifth phase and now to Unlock 1, it worsened. From road and rail accidents to … Read more

India-Australia: Crucial summit to extend strategic and Naval Operations in IOR

Radhika Bansal, Ground Report: The ‘Virtual Summit’ between PM Modi and Australian PM Scott Morrison has set a fresh start to India-Australia bilateral ties in the Covid pandemic. The Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) will allow militaries of the two countries to use each other’s bases for repair and replenishment of supplies besides facilitating scaling … Read more

India the 6th worst-hit nation, total cases crossed 2.37 Lakh, overtakes Italy

Radhika Bansal, Ground Report: India reported 9,887 new coronavirus cases, a single one-day spike so far, government data shows. It also witnessed the highest single-day death toll in the COVID – 19 pandemics so far, with 295 fatalities reported on Friday. India is now in the 6th position in the worst-hit countries in the world … Read more

Challenges of conducting exams during COVID – 19 Pandemic

12th board result

Radhika Bansal, Ground Report: If you are a student, then you will be very well aware of the online classes and examinations been conducted by most of the schools and colleges during this time of the pandemic. Many students faced several kind of challenges while attending online lectures and classes. This includes bad network connection, … Read more

‘कोरोना काल’ में भी लगाते रहे पेड़, पिछले 43 वर्षों से जारी है पीपल बाबा का सफर!

पीपल बाबा के नाम से मशहूर प्रेम 1977 से हर रोज पेड़ लगाने का सिलसिला आज तक बदस्तूर जारी है। कोरोना का यह भीषण दौर पीपल बाबा और उनकी टीम को पेड़ लगाने से नहीं रोक पा रहा हैं। सामाजिक दूरी के साथ पीपल बाबा और उनकी टीम आज भी पेड़ लगा रही है। कारवां … Read more

UPSC released its revised calendar, Prelims on October 4

News Desk, Ground Report: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the Civil Services Exam (CSE) prelims on October 4, 2020 which was scheduled for 31st may earlier. The Commission’s review meeting took the decision. UPSC today released a revised calendar for all the postponed exam and recruitment activities. It also said that the … Read more

Should schools, colleges be reopened amid the rising cases?

Radhika Bansal, Ground Report: According to the guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, the decision on reopening the educational institutions will be taken in phase two of Unlock 1 after consultations with states and union territories in the month of July. Parents and educational institutes will be consulted before taking any decisions. Government will … Read more