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Top 10 most innovative economies of World

Top 10 most innovative economies of World

Ground Report | New Delhi: Top 10 most innovative economies of World; India is ranked 46th in the world in terms of providing an environment to create something new, which is up two places from last year. But who is in the top 10 countries?

Top 10 most innovative economies of World


Switzerland has remained at the top in terms of innovation for the last three years.


Sweden’s number has also not changed for the last three years and is at number two.


America has remained at number three in this list for the last three years. 

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Britain is at the top of the 39 countries in Europe, which has a global ranking of 4, which is the same as last year.

South Korea

In this case, India is at the top in South and Central Asia. South Korea is at the top of Asia, at number five.


The report says that despite the pandemic, some countries have increased their investment in innovation, which has improved their ranking. The Netherlands is at number six.


While giving the ranking, it is seen that how is the understanding of the decision-makers in the government. Finland is at number seven.


81 factors are studied to make this list. This year, discoveries related to the covid epidemic were also included in it. Singapore is at number eight.

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A list of 132 countries has been made for this index in 2021, in which Denmark is at number nine.


The World Intellectual Property Organization releases this index every year, which tells how the environment is for innovation in different countries. This year Germany is at number ten in this matter.

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