Top 10 best hacking movies you should watch

The film’s title is justified as the main lead, a young high school student hacker from the film who considers WOPR a sport and spreads fear of nuclear war around the world

Ground Report | New Delhi: In this article, The top hacking in the world come from different backgrounds and geographic locations, with the common common theme of having an early passion for technology. However, there are movies that reveal truly geek and hacker culture. Everyone loves watching movies to enjoy something in the midst of their busy lifestyles. But, there are also some who watch movies to get inspired.

Listed below the top 10 hacking movies to watch:


Premiering in 1983, WarGames was one of the first hacker films. Its protagonist is a high school student named David, a lazy man who is also a computer genius. While attempting to hack into a computer game company, he comes upon a system that does not identify himself but allows him to play the game. When he reaches an impasse, he learns of the backdoor password from the others.

What makes this film iconic to the hacker community is that David looks somewhat like them: exceptionally bright yet bored of a traditional school. He is inquisitive and innate, two traits that characterize many in the profession. While David had no ill intentions, he was very keen to keep moving through the system, his curiosity never completely quenched.

Hacker (2016) 

The film is about the short story; When his family grapples with financial crisis, Alex Danilyuk turns into a life of crime and identity theft, with the help of Say, a street-wise hustler who introduces him to the world of the black market business, Kira, a young Female Hacker, and Contact on the Dark Web. After discovering victory in causing chaos in the financial market, they attract the attention of Z, a mysterious masked man who heads an organization known as Anonymous, and is the number one target by the FBI.

Live Free or Die Hard

The franchise’s protagonist, McClain, is now hunting cyber-terrorists, hacking into government and commercial computers to launch “fire sales” of financial assets. Live Free or Die Hard traces its origins to an article in Wired Magazine by John Carlin, A Farewell to Arms, which highlights the potential for hacking into such systems to stop the world.

Any film in the hacking genre may be most likely because so much of the world’s infrastructure depends on technology and there are many weaknesses that can be exploited. While the protagonist is not a computer expert, he does find help in the department in which the film demonstrates the acquisition of infrastructure with truth.

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The Wargame film was released in 1998. This is an Academy Award-winning film about a young hacker who accidentally started a nuclear weapon, it could be the beginning of the Third World War. It is directed by John Badham, the film stars Matthew Broderick, Dabney Coleman, John Wood and Eli Sheedy.

The film’s title is justified as the main lead, a young high school student hacker from the film who considers WOPR a sport and spreads fear of nuclear war around the world. Originally a young man finds a back door in a military central computer in which reality is confused with sports.


Blackhat opens with a hacker sabotaging a nuclear plant’s infrastructure, causing it to explode. In this story Blackhat is like any Blackheater, hacking into the system as a means of monetary gain and attacking others. Blackhat is chased by a Chinese officer and his Red Hat former programming partner, who is imprisoned for criminal offence, but allowed to catch the hacker before causing more harm. In this story, there are several facets to the hacker’s experience: the villain is blackhat, the officer has moral direction, and the red hat has a past of past crimes, but he considers himself neither good nor bad.

Takedown (2000)

The film is based on America’s famous computer hacker Kevin David Mitnick and he is currently working as an American computer security consultant. The film is based on his life and how a hacker turned into the country’s computer security consultant and is based on the book and written by his nemesis, Tsutomu Shimomura, the story glorifies Shimomura. One of the most important news about him, when Kevin was arrested for his cyber crime, he was on the list of most wanted cyber criminals. Mitnick operated in the 1980s and 90s and eventually went to prison for a few years. Now, he is a high-paid IT security consultant, speaker and writer.

The Matrix

One of the biggest events redefining the action genre, The Matrix is ​​a hacker film from the heart. It features talented Neo searching for answers, hacking back and forth until he realizes that the world is a computer program like any hacker, he tries to find out the truth about reality, finding that the world, as he knows it, is no longer there and the machines are in charge. However, the matrix is ​​not novel in its approach to embodying machines and making them antagonistic. However, it introduced how a hacker could beat them from within.

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Untraceable: The Personnel Files (2008)

The concept of this film is good. The film featured a serial killer who rigged a contract killing his victims based on the number of hits received by a website that contained a live streaming video of the victim

The film stars the gorgeous, unassuming Diane Lane. The film is simply awesome and its impact is simple.

Who Am I – No System Is Safe (2014)

Who Am I: No System Is Safe is a German hacker film directed by Baran Bo Odar. Benjamin, a young German computer expert, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that seeks to observe the world stage.

Often compared to Fight Club and Mr. Robot, the film revolves around a hacker group aiming for global fame. The film is set in an interview with an hacker in an interrogation room who tells about his journey. The film is known for its portrait of IRC windows, darknet, etc. as a shady, underground metro with masked people. If you like unexpected plot twists, don’t miss Who Am I because there are so many of them in this.


Two cybercrime agents for the FBI spend their nights fighting identity theft, until they are taken to a website, in an anonymous tip, untraceable from The mastermind behind the site made it as fail-safe. If one server shuts down, the other server changes it immediately.

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