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5 Tools and Websites to Speed up Your Studying Process

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The goal is to study smart and not to study hard. This is a common piece of advice thrown around in academic conversations without divulging the ways to study smarter. 

Studying smart implies making the most of the various tools at your disposal to overcome common stumbling blocks that could stall your studying process. Tools and websites rank top on the list of ways to hasten your studying process. 

Unfortunately, the plethora of tools at your disposal can easily cause you a headache in selecting a tool to ease your studies. Here, I share some of the best tools whose features I exploited to get dissertation help and secure quality scores without surpassing deadlines.

1.      HubSpot blog ideas generator

Often, you may find yourself staring at a blank screen, confused about the topic that best fits your research topic. Besides determining the quality of your paper, topic selection dictates the ease of your writing process dictating how easily you come across the arguments for your essay without plagiarizing your work. 

If you are stuck brainstorming ideas for your essay, the HubSpot blog ideas generator is a great go-to tool. This website creates tons of topics with the entry of your key phrase, helping you gauge a vast range of ideas in a short duration of time, reaching a suitable idea within a short duration. 

For the best results, specify a key phrase that properly captures your topic, and outline ideas for your selected topic, to measure the feasibility of an idea before you focus your efforts on writing. 

2.      Mind Meister

Reading through textbooks and journals often proves a tedious journey for the visual learner. Often, you might have to go over a piece of information countless times, to comprehend the topic. 

Fortunately, Mind Meister allows you to come up with mind maps, making it easier to visualize a concept, and taking less time to comprehend various facts. Also, the tool allows for collaboration, helping you pull your creativity together, illustrate an idea, and plan for projects. 

Unlike most alternatives, this tool is easy to use and thus a great addition to a learner who is looking to hasten their study without compromising on their performance. 

3.      Grammarly

Grammarly is a common tool in the modern student’s arsenal. Besides helping you to quickly nip grammatical errors from your work, Grammarly allows you to improve your writing through real-time correction suggestions for a wide range of grammatical errors. 

The app also makes for smooth correction, allowing you to replace erroneous sentences with their grammatical upright alternatives at the click of a button. Grammarly also allows you to check for plagiarism and troubleshoot the sections that require editing, therefore, making for smooth editing of long assignments. 

4.      GoConqr

GoConqr is a one-stop shop for all the essentials for hastening your studying process. Like our second option on the list, this tool provides features for easy mind mapping and flashcards for faster, focused revision.

Additionally, this tool provides features for efficient note-taking and editable quizzes to guide you in revision. This tool also stands out due to the study planning feature and the time monitoring tool that helps you diagnose your time-spending habits, helping you fine-tune your daily schedule for optimal results. 

5.      Marinara Timer

The urge to do a colossal number of tasks in a single session is often detrimental to students. Often, these sessions are marked with a burst of activity in the first few minutes, followed by a duration of low productivity as a result of impaired focus. 

The marinara timer is a handy tool to chunk your study sessions, ensuring maximum focus and productivity. This app allows you to keep track of your time, therefore, focusing your attention on each session, helping you stay on par with your schedule.

Final Take

These are some of the tools you ought to consider for a faster studying process. Also, be keen to check your study habits, replacing the less effective actions with more productive alternatives. 

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