Tomato prices in India will continue to rise: Crisil Research

Ground Report | New Delhi: Tomato prices in India; Vegetable prices are skyrocketing in many parts of India due to unseasonal rains. According to the report of Crisil Research, the prices of tomatoes will not be normal for the next two months.

There is a good yield of tomatoes in Karnataka, but the situation here remains so serious that vegetables are being sent from Nashik in Maharashtra. CRISIL Research says that heavy rains in Karnataka have caused a lot of damage to crops.

The situation is similar in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, while these states play a significant role in the supply of vegetables from October to December.

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Vegetable prices have increased by 142 percent till November 25 and the prices are not expected to come down for the next two months. Vegetables of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan will come into the market from January, only then there will be relief from high prices. At present tomato is getting 47 rupees per kg. With the arrival of a new crop of tomatoes, the price will be reduced by 30 percent. (Tomato prices in India)

In the case of onions, the report said that deficient rains in August delayed transplanting in major growing regions of Maharashtra, leading to a delay in arrivals in October, leading to a 65 percent increase in onion prices compared to September.

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However, in the case of onions, fresh arrivals from Haryana are expected to start in 10-15 days, leading to a fall in prices. The sowing season of potato, another Rabi crop, has been badly affected due to excessive rains in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, and Gujarat.

On-ground conversations from researchers suggest that excessive waterlogging in fields can lead to re-sowing of potato tubers, increasing costs to farmers. If the heavy rains continue, the prices will be higher for two more months, it said.

Bhindi or Bhindi prices will start coming down in the next three weeks, it said, adding that production areas like Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat have received heavy rains during the sowing and early vegetative phase.

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