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To avoid hackers, pay attention to these 5 things

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Hackers often require some information to hack our computers or other electronic devices. By getting more information, they can easily hack our computers. So how do we protect ourselves?

One password, multiple accounts

Many people run multiple accounts with the same password. It does not have to remember different passwords. If you do this then be cautious. 

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Suppose you have kept the password of your office email id and the password of your twitter account the same, then it will not be difficult to hack your office email id and twitter account.

Unsecured and publicly maintained passwords

Usually, people create passwords that can be guessed very easily. Such as the name of their pet or the street name of their home. If you want to create a password, it should contain the correct combination of alphabet, number and special character. 

You should keep changing your password continuously. Many people make the biggest mistake that they would write their password somewhere.

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Weak delay took place

Many times it happens that the IT Administrator of the company finds a weak link, but it takes time to fix that link. If this weak link is found by the hacker, then the work will become very easy for him. 

So before talking about any weak link, IT Administrator should have enough time to make that link strong before hacker.

Weak server setup

The IT Administrator is responsible for the setup of the entire server, due to which it may be possible to make a simple password and forget it. 

Although the other administrator should change this password but it does not happen and hacker takes advantage of this mistake. Sometimes the responsibilities of the IT Administrator are also changed very quickly. This makes it very easy to hack your setup.

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Fishing and Spearfishing – direct targets

Phishing usually involves sending an email that has an attachment. Like a picture, file or link. Your computer gets hacked as soon as you open that attachment. 

However, this does not happen in spearfishing. In Spearfishing, the hacker calls himself and asks you to open the email. Since he is talking to you, you open his email without any doubt.

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