West is Falling, Time to shake hands with Russia and China?

Russia has invaded Ukraine, the sounds of explosions are coming from the cities of eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s foreign minister told the world that there are explosions in many cities, Putin has declared war. We will face it firmly. Russia has warned that if any power comes between Ukraine and Russia, the consequences will be dire. Western countries are standing and watching the spectacle, and giving warnings that it is just about to happen, there is going to be a war and now it’s happening.

Russia Ukraine War Live Updates

Situation of India

Our condition has become like a beaver hiding face underground. We can neither support nor oppose anyone openly. On one side there is Russia which is our longtime friend and on the other side there is America and West, which keeps giving us oxygen in the midst of threats from China and Pakistan.

West is Falling, Is this World War 3?

World War 3 is trending on social media since this morning, because if western countries take some steps to stop Russia, then the result will be a fierce war. But seeing the inaction of the western countries, it does not seem that they will do anything. Economic sanctions are being imposed on Russia, but it does not seem to make any difference to Russia. For India, the situation has become a silent spectacle, neither we can anger Russia nor America.

The main reason for India’s dependence on western countries is to be surrounded by enemies from all sides. China, Pakistan, Taliban are not only a threat to India, but if we take enmity with Russia too, we will be surrounded at home. After this move, Russia, Pakistan, China are going to become close friends, so in such a situation we will be able to maintain the same coordination with Russia, it is a big question?

In the midst of these threats, the western countries are the only ray of hope for us, but the way these countries have shown their inaction and selfishness in the last few years, India can be threatened. Because the help that we are looking forward to from these countries, it cannot be said whether these countries will give it on time or not. After Ukraine crisis its seem like west is falling. Therefore, in such a situation, India will have to put more emphasis on improving relations with Russia and China because neighbors are more useful than distant relatives.

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