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Threat of mass exodus after selling houses to Muslims in UP

Threat of mass exodus; After selling homes to Muslims in a middle-class area in Moradabad district of western Uttar Pradesh, residents put up

By Ground report
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Threat of mass exodus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Threat of mass exodus; After selling homes to Muslims in a middle-class area in Moradabad district of western Uttar Pradesh, residents put up posters threatening mass exodus outside their homes. Two properties in Shiv Mandir Colony of Moradabad Lajpat Nagar area were sold to Muslims, after which posters of mass exodus have been put up outside the doors of almost every house.

However, the district administration says that the property issue is at the center of the entire dispute. Posters in front of many houses read, "Gang exodus, this house is for sale, get in touch." These posters were put up last week and people living there claim that it was done after selling two properties in their neighborhood to Muslims.

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According to the report of Indian Express, there are two properties at the two entry points of this colony which are currently closed. Gaurav Kohli's business family has been living in this area for 40 years, he tells the newspaper, "There is a mutual understanding that they will stay in their area and we will be in ours and it was going well. Why did they want to come here forcibly? and want to spoil the atmosphere. Our culture is different. We have our own festivals which we celebrate in our own way. They will perform qurbani at the time of their festival."

Threat of mass exodus

As part of the protest, all the people living here gather daily at the Shiva temple outside the colony. At the entry point of the temple, there is a banner of the entire area being sold. Residents say that the demonstrations are also taking place because of the 'security' of the temple. Taking cognizance of the protest, District Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Singh has ordered an inquiry. He had visited the area on Tuesday along with Moradabad SSP.

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The district magistrate said, "There are 81 houses in the colony. The owners of two houses sold their properties two months ago to people belonging to the Muslim community. On Monday, a joint team of the district administration conducted an investigation. No one is living in these houses. And they are locked from outside." (Threat of mass exodus)

“We tried to convince people that one cannot stop anyone from selling their property. It has also come to the notice that some local residents were interested in buying those two properties and now they came to know that they have been sold. " The police has also issued a statement that any person has the freedom to live anywhere.

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