This Texas Airbnb host was recording guests sex videos secretly

Ground Report | New Delhi: Airbnb sex videos; A Jay Allee, a 54-year-old Airbnb host, was arrested for recording and taking 2,126 videos and photos with a hidden camera, of people who were renting his cabin in Comfort, Texas, naked or having sex.

A guest discovered that the camera was in one of the rooms of the cabin, disguised as a power adapter for a Wi-Fi router while his wife was taking a shower and reported it, police said. He said he noticed a reflection ahead and a flashing blue light to the side, KSAT 12 revealed.

Allee faces a host of charges, including at least four for invasive visual recording and 15 for invasion of privacy and intentionally causing emotional distress, after additional charges were filed against her last month.

He was detained by the police in November 2021 after an arrest warrant was issued against him and a civil lawsuit was filed against him on December 1. He now awaits a court hearing in Kendall County, Texas.

According to an affidavit, Allee’s arrest occurred after a couple who rented the cabin last July reported feeling uncomfortable about the lodging owner’s suggestive comments.

“Make yourself comfortable, we don’t care if you’re in your pajamas or naked,” the man told his tenants and recommended that they look at the sunrise like this. The guest also found a padlock on a “secret door” that simulated a wall, after which he and his partner quickly left the property and went to report.

Police investigators seized the hidden camera and six electronic devices, including laptops, an iPad and several iPhones, in a search of the property on July 6 last year. Through his lawyer, Allee pleaded not guilty and says he “looks forward to his day in court.”

Airbnb told KSAT, “On our platform, we strictly prohibit hidden cameras. This bed and breakfast owner’s reported criminal behaviour is outrageous, and he and his property are banned from Airbnb.”

“Our law enforcement operations team has been working to support the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office in their investigation.”

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