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This five-year-old girl sets world record, reads 36 books nonstop in just two hours

Kiara Kaur, a five-year-old mixed Indian-American girl, has set a world record for reading 36 books non-stop for more than two hours.

According to NDTV reports, Kiara lives in the UAE and has been included in the World Book of Records in London and the Asia Book of Records for her achievements.

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The World Book of Records in London called him a ‘child prodigy’ and certified him “for having the special ability to read 36 books non-stop in 105 minutes at age 4 on February 13.”

The Asia Book of Records stated that he “set a record for reading the maximum number of books without stopping”.

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The report further mentions that Kiara’s reading interest was discovered by one of her teachers at a kindergarten in Abu Dhabi which she attended for several months last year before the lockdown caused by the coronavirus closed it. The teacher apparently saw Kiara reading a book in the school’s small library.

“I like reading because I like to see colorful pictures in books. And they are written in big sizes so that I can read the words easily,” Kiara was quoted as saying by NDTV.

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He also said that his favorite books are Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Shooting Star.

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Her parents added that Kiara spent most of her time reading and in the past year, she has read about two hundred books.

“She used to read all the time, while in the car, even in the restroom, and before bed. She was a very curious kid, we had to pick up his books every time we went shopping,” said Dr. Little Mahendra, her mother who works as a dentist.

“We are proud that he has accomplished so much at this young age. May the habit of reading continue,” said her father, Dr. Ravindranath.

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