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Things to watch on Netflix, November edition!

Netflix November: The shows mentioned below-mentioned are unique in their stories and will be of interest to fellow storytellers.

By Ground Report
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Netflix November: Important to mention, this is not an exhaustive list or an expertly curative one. The shows below-mentioned are unique in their stories and will be of interest to fellow storytellers.

A Film by Jonah Hill "Stutz" 

Who wouldn’t want to see a project by Jonah Hill? The film directed by Hill himself explores the tools his friend and therapist Phil Stutz uses in the path of healing. The trailer gives us a glimpse into this ‘visual model of therapy’. The actor-director feels his therapist's ways of getting personal, and healing the other person are unique. Hence, they should be shared with everyone so everyone can heal.

Through the trailer, the documentary looks promising with Hill’s unique humour. 

The film is titled ‘Stutz’

Available on Netflix from 14th November.


As the western forces leave, the young Zarifa Ghafari, one of Afghanistan's first female mayors, fights for the basic rights in the country. The documentary follows her life while she protests for women’s education rights amidst getting deep into chaos. As the Taliban establishes a conservative Islamic rule, the lives of women on the streets are to be scrutinized and reprimanded.

Zarifa Ghafari continues her fights while life-threatening attacks surround her. ‘If I die. I will die for a reason’, she says.

Available on Netflix from 16th November.

The Swimmers

The extraordinary true story of two sisters escaping war-torn Syria, to the 2016 Rio Olympics. The two sisters were part of the Refugee Olympic Athletes Team (ROT) and participated in the competition.  

The film streams on Netflix on 23rd November.

FIFA Uncovered 

Just a few weeks away from the FIFA World Cup 2022, in Qatar, Netflix is about to drop a documentary about the internal corruption, and extraordinary powerplay of FIFA ( International Federation of Association Football). The documentary also focuses on what it takes to get the privilege to host a FIFA World Cup.

The documentary streams 9th November, on Netflix.


Robert Downey Jr tweeted to announce the release date of the documentary based on the life of his father. The film is titled ‘Sr.’ 

The tweet read, 

‘He was a groundbreaking filmmaker. As well as my dad. It’s not uncomplicated… ”Sr.” is a documentary that tells the story of Robert Downey’s maverick rise in NYC, his crash, burn and redemption in Hollywood and our relationship in the aftermath. Only on Netflix, December 2nd.’

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