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The world got 52 lakh new millionaires

The world got 52 lakh new millionaires

Ground Report | New Delhi: The world got 52 lakh new millionaires; In 2020, when the whole world was reeling from the pandemic, wealth was increasing. A recent report by Credit Suisse shows that there are 52 lakh, new millionaires, in the world in 2020. Which countries have the most millionaires, know…

The world got 52 lakh new millionaires No. 1: America

The largest increase in the number of millionaires in 2020 was seen in America. There the total assets of 17 lakh 30 thousand new people have crossed one million dollars i.e. about five and a half crore rupees.

No. 2: Germany

In Germany, 6 lakh 33 thousand people were added to the people with a wealth of more than one million dollars, which is the second-highest number in the world.

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No. 3: Australia

In the last one year, the total wealth of three lakh 92 thousand new people in Australia has crossed one million dollars.

No. 4: Japan

A Credit Suisse report shows that the rich benefited from government spending and grants during the pandemic. This year in Japan, the income of three lakh 90 thousand new people has exceeded one million dollars i.e. five crore rupees.

The world got 52 lakh new millionaires No. 5: France

In 2020, there were a total of five crore 61 lakh crorepatis in the world. Three lakh nine thousand new millionaires were added in France only.

No. 6: Britain

The number of millionaires in the world has exceeded one percent of the total population. In the UK alone, two lakh 58 thousand new millionaires have been added in 2020, that is, their total assets have crossed one million US dollars.

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Another 41,420 adults have also joined a group of so-called ultra-high net worth individuals. Each of whom has raised more than $ 50 million in assets. This represents a 24% jump from 2019, the fastest annual growth rate in 17 years. Bringing the total number of super-wealthy people to 215,030.

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The impact of the pandemic on the welfare of households. Especially the poorest, has been strongest in countries. Where governments have failed to compensate for lost wages during a forced economic shutdown.

In high-income countries such as the UK. Emergency benefits such as vacations have helped cushion the impact of job cuts or declining business income. But those who could not access emergency support suffered more and were forced to use their savings or take on higher debts. The report explains that the impact was especially severe for vulnerable groups, including minorities, youth and women, who worked in the most affected sectors, such as retail and hospitality.

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