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The Story of Vadodara man who gives free food to covid patients

The world is now facing a dire reality because of the corona virus. Amid the calamity and gloom caused by the unrelenting Coronavirus, the good news seems to have come differently.

On the other side of darkness, the world also has the opportunity to witness actions that have restored our faith in humanity.

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As India struggles with a spike in COVID-19 cases, kind people are starting to offer help, in any way they can.

Like the story of a man in Vadodara offering help to provide free, hygienic food to those affected by COVID-19, at their doorsteps. All they have to do is contact him via DM (direct message) on Twitter.

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The tweet reads, “We are here with you in this Covid crisis. If your family is suffering from Covid-19, we will deliver a hygienic lunch & dinner at your door, free during the quarantine period. We will not name names, publicity, or any photos. DM please ???? ” – Shubhal Shah (@ShubhalShah)

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Shah’s tweet drew a lot of reaction with requests pouring in and some NGOs even replied saying they wanted to join hands to help provide food to those in need.

Many people praised the Shah’s wise attitude.

Excellent sir … Good job – kapil kashiv (@kapilkashiv).

What a great initiative. God bless you & your team sir – Anil Vora (@ anilvora53)

Thank you for helping our fellow humans in times of crisis — it will be the greatest help – Bhairava (@sukumaranlens).

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A very noble job! The world is full of bad people but some are good too, so we survive. – Pronami (@ pronami007)

God bless you for your help for humanity, sir. Doing so without seeking publicity makes it much more valuable. Thank you sir. – Ram (@r_acharya).

Regardless of the circumstances we face during this pandemic, we can all play a role in spreading positivity and helping the world overcome this challenge. There is nothing we can’t beat if we all work together in the face of difficult times.

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