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The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea 

got7 to got tea

Exactly like From London to Paris and Paris to New York, we hereby present The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea

GOT7, A South Korean Boy Band has recently made their highly anticipated comeback on May23, 2022. The band debuted back in 2014 with their song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’. The band consists of 7 Members namely, Mark, Jay B, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom and the group is led by Jay B. Their fans are called ‘Ahgases/IGOT7’ meaning ‘Baby Bird’.

After leaving their previous company JYP Entertainment in January 2021. The group signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music, Korea and also released their single ‘ENCORE’ as gift to their fans on 20 February, 2021. The group not only announced their long awaited comeback news but also a 2 day ‘Homecoming’ Fancon, a concert ahead of their album release ‘GOT7’. 

The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea 

The EP ‘GOT7’ offers a total of 6 songs , Truth- Don’t leave Me Alone- Don’t care about me- Two- Drive me to the moon and the title tack ‘NANANA’. The members also took part in the production. Have you heard the song yet, if not then what are you waiting for. Check out their recent title track ‘NANANA’ and the album. The comeback is extremely refreshing and a sheer display of their talents and ofcourse the love for their fans. Oh! And how can we forget about the soothing tone of the music video. Everything is complementing each other so well and not to deny the fact that the boys are upgrading themselves to the next level with every project whether it be solo or a group project.  

The boys are loved by people all over the world and extensive fans projects were organised worldwide to celebrate their homecoming. Here in Delhi, NCR, an event to commemorate GOT7’s comeback was held at GOT TEA’s Gurgaon store. The 2 day event was organised by Ms. Meetu Mendiratta, Event Manager. The event was successfully concluded with overwhelming response from fans all over the capital and NCR. 

Ground Report covered the event and also got the chance to interview Ms. Meetu Mendiratta and asked several questions related to her experience as well as the experience of fans. Get to know, here is what Got Tea is all about.

In Conversation with Meetu Mendiratta, Event Manager, GOT TEA.

While in conversation with Ms.Meetu Mendiratta, who has been turning people into Bubble Tea Fanatics. We also got to know some interesting facts about the venture as well as the upcoming projects. The venture is founded by three school friends, Yu Sung, Armaan and Jo. Having studied in the boarding school together, they grew up with the global palette. Armaan mentioned about the lack of bubble tea availability in India, that’s how they came up with the idea of ‘Got-Tea’. The co-founders make sure that the consumers get authentic and hand picked flavorful tea-tastic boba experience. The crew make sure that their customers get the best of best in town. Recently, the team celebrated one year anniversary and has been adding lots of bubble tea fanatics to the bubble tea community. 

We are as excited as you guys to reveal the one of a kind conversation we had with Ms. Meetu as well as with the fans. 

As you have been with the venture for such a long time, what ‘Got Tea’ means to you and tell us something about the venture? 

Got Tea to me means a wholesome experience. Like how you see a variety in our flavors, you will see a variety in the experience as well. It’s an inspiration to improve and get better with every step you take. It’s a place where I can spend an entire day and not get bored because every hour, there is something new that’s being generated.  

As we know Got Tea is not only famous for their  handcrafted bobas but also for the merchandise that the venture offers such as Boba kits and mats. Could you throw some light upon that as well and how are you guys planning to expand over the merchandise part, is there any surprise line up waiting for the boba fanatics ?

We are working hard on our merch and as we want it to be something that reflects our brand values that’s simple yet trendy and add value to what people are paying for, we are taking our time with the designing process. There is going to be a lot of fun and iconic stuff for people to choose from.

We got to know from the people that the crew of Got Tea is full of Ahgases so does naming the venture have anything to do with Got 7’s name ? 

We have heard from lot of the fans even before as well but the name  Got Tea got its name from the Gat (갓), yes, ‘A Traditional Korean Hat’. It’s inspired by the drama called Kingdom. You can read more here. The brand is definitely inspired by the korean culture as it is visible in our branding as well and also one of the co founders is from South Korea.

How did you come up with the idea of organising a Got 7 themed event at the gurgaon store and what were your key takeaways during the organisation process? 

Being a Got7 fan myself, I was disheartened when the group left JYP in 2021  but as soon as I heard the news of them coming back again with a new album, I knew I had to bring all the fans together and celebrate their comeback. I have always wanted to attend a fan get-together but not being able to do that, I wanted to organise one of our own and I got the perfect place and opportunity to do that. 

Takeaways: Can do it bigger and better so that all the Ahgases can be in one place at the same time. We had to divide it into two days because of the space issue in our Gurgaon store. It’s more of a takeaway concept but I am just glad we did it and spent time with soooo many fans and got to see their love and passion for Got Tea and Got7. 

Have you previously organised K-pop themed events before as well or was this the first time you organised one ? 

Yes, We organised a cupsleeve event last year for the launch of NCT’s new album Universe. The event took place at our Safdarjung store on 19 December 2021. 

What footfall did you expect at the event, were you able to reach beyond your expectations ?

Honestly, since we were doing our first event in the Gurgaon store, we did not have a high expectation also assuming that it’s a little far for people coming from different parts of Delhi and also Noida. We decided to do a K-pop event because what could be better than getting the Got7 fans together and seeing them bond over bubble teas. But our expectations were surpassed and we received a huge response from people. They came from far away places like Noida, Karol Bagh, North Delhi and what not. We were so touched by their love for our brand and of course Got7 that it made us want to do so much more for them. 

How will you summarise the two-day Got7 x Got Tea event for the team ? The place offered extremely cool ambience, bobas, croffles, quizzes and of course freebies. How did you come up with the idea for the fun activities and the innovative freebies ?

It was immaculate. We had so many ‘firsts’ during the Got7 event – our first event in the Gurgaon store, so many first time customers and our first highest sales ever since the store opening. We wanted people to experience our Gurgaon store also and show the love that they have shown for our products and the Safdarjung store. It was so much fun interacting with each of the ahgase who came, spent time, danced and sang along with us. The feeling was indescribable because we honestly did not expect this.

Last but not the least are you planning to keep on organizing more such themed events and how can people reach out to you with their requests. 

Yes, we are planning a lot more such events and are also open to catering to people’s requests, if they seem feasible to do. We will try our best to do more people centric events where they can get together and have a great time and experience. People can reach out to me directly through email – or DM us on our social media

Fans’ Corner

Sumi says “I can’t thank enough GotTea for organizing iGOT7 meet. The event was so fun, we played various games and enjoyed Got7 music. Since so long, I wanted to meet more fellow birds, and GotTea made it possible. They did amazing work with beautiful green theme decoration, Got7 sticker boba tea jars and lots of freebies. And Boba tea is a must try, my favourite “Peachy Oolong”. 

Silky says, “It was a heart warming experience. It’s always great to meet fellow fandom mates and the fun that follows becomes one of the happiest memories. Got Tea did an amazing job with the event. The decoration for the day was beautiful including all the Got7 standees and photocards. Their various small games were so enjoyable and not to forget the lovely freebies. And of course their bubble tea is a must try!” 
One of my most memorable day as an Ahgase!!

Haikumna says, “Since GOT7 is my ultimate group I was looking forward to this event and I was left without any disappointment. The freebies that we were gifted were amazing. All the staff of GOT TEA  were polite and sweet. Thank you much GOT TEA and GOT7 MISSION INDIA, also a special mention to Meetu Mendiratta for organizing this wonderful event.

The GOT7 event in GOT Tea was a very good experience. I attended both days. Made some friends with like-minded K-pop fans. Played games (and won a few), drank boba teas, and talked K-pop all day.”- Jaslina Franked

Yash expressed “Oh it was so much fun! The entire store was full of warmth and music – Jackson’s sweet voice greeted me. The games were super fun and the drinks were – ooh la la. I even tried on the traditional Korean hat – the gat – and the staff really cheered us in as we all sang GOT7 songs together. Can’t wait for the next one”

The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea 

We congratulate Got 7 on their album release and Got Tea for organizing the GOT7 theme based event for the Ahgases. 

If you are based in Delhi or NCR, Do visit your nearest Got Tea outlet for some Bubble Tea pe charcha and don’t forget to try their “Blueberry Croffle”. The croffles are a must must have along with their boba tea.

Don’t forget to check GOT7’s recent Music Video “NANANA”. Do let us know your reviews in the comments below.  
Fun Fact : In Korean, ‘NA NA NA (나 나 나) means Me/I. 
“Someone who wants to make you laugh, NA-NA-NA”

The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea 

The ‘Got-Got’ Event : From Got 7 to Got Tea 

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