The Batman- The Bat and The Cat Trailer out, Amazing things to notice

The Batman-The Bat and The Cat’ trailer has been released. Batman fans are talking a lot about this. Since the release of the trailer, many discussions have started. And DC fans are super excited. The film will be released in theaters on March 4 and will be available on HBO Max from April 19. So let’s know what can be guessed about this film by watching the trailer.

Things to know ‘The Batman-The Bat and The Cat’

  • It’s clear the Riddler has figured out who Batman is. Catwoman has a reason for working with Batman throughout this mystery. 
  • The DC superhero Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader fighting against crime in Gotham city.
  • After Ben Affleck left the project, Robert Pattinson is selected to play role this time.
  • This Film will show the violent side of the DC superhero as he breaks open the web of crimes spun by corrupt people while pursuing the Riddler (Dano), a serial killer. 
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What Fans Talking About the Trailer?

My only problem it’s unrealistic he can’t feel those bullets raining on him. He’s not that strong yet to withstand the pain and force from a bullet. And his suit is not advanced yet. Even batfleck couldn’t stand bullets. Otherwise it’s good.

Mutuchi Lilungu

Great trailer! Really like the dark noir style tone and Year One vibe can’t wait to see #TheBatman

Paul Bowler

Am I the only one who has the feeling that the Court of Owls are gonna be in this movie? In the comics, this secret society is the source of every corruption in Gotham City.

A.J Threet

Have been a fan of Batman movies, not too sure abt Robert Pattinson as the new Batman though . Let’s see if he does justice to the role . I hope the movie is as good as the trailer

Sofia Ali

Batman actually using the criminals own weapons against them gives me Arkham vibes and I love it. Only big problem is how much Bruce/Batman does this big stare at the camera, it’s so weird and campy lol


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