Thaipusam 2022: Festival of Taking Kavadi to Murugan temples

Thaipusam is celebrated not only in India but in all the countries where Tamilians live. There is a lot of celebration on this festival in Malaysia, then this festival is also celebrated in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Singapore.

Thaipusam in Malaysia

Hindus, a sizeable minority in multi-ethnic Malaysia, show their devotion to the deity Lord Murugan. Hundreds headed to the Batu Caves temple complex outside Kuala Lumpur and walked barefoot up 272, multi-coloured steps to reach the site, carrying offerings such as milk pots.

Significance of this festival

The word Thaipusam is combination of the word Thai which refers to the month of the Tamil calendar in which the festival is held, and pusam which refers to a constellation of three stars.

Thaipusam is always celebrated when there is a full moon, which can be seen in the month of Thai or between january to feb in the Gregorian calendar.

On this day Mata Parvati gave Kartikeya his weapon Vel to kill the demon Soorpadam.

Date and Shubh Muhurat
Date: January 18, Tuesday
Poosam Nakshathram Begins – 04:37 AM on January 18, 2022
Poosam Nakshathram Ends – 06:42 AM on January 19, 2022

Why Thaipusam is important for Tamilians?

Kartikeya who is also known as Murugan is a deity of Hindus. Kartikeya is the son of Mother Parvati and Shiva. It is believed that by worshiping him, all the problems of people’s life end. On this day all the bad troubles are averted from the people. Worshiping on this day washes away all their sins.

The prayers might be for healing from illness, seeking forgiveness for past wrongdoings, or a childless couple requesting a baby, and so on. Each and every vow is considered very divine and sacred and the kavadis are the huge highlight of  these Thaipusam festivals.

This deed might be carried in the form of a kavadi, which weighs several pounds and is connected to the body through skewers and hooks. The most serious male pilgrims frequently do this. There are several other ways where devotees will carry a pot of milk known as Paal Kudam (Milk Pot) and go fulfill their vows.

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