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Why Germany is Planning to get Telegram ban in whole EU?

Why Telegram is Down

German law, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has indicated that if Telegram does not comply with German laws and keep violating Covid-19 policies, then we will ban Telegram in the country.

“We cannot rule this out,” she told Die Zeit weekly. “A shutdown would be grave and clearly a last resort. All other options must be exhausted first.”

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser

Large-scale demonstrations are taking place in Germany regarding the Covid-19 restrictions and the mandatory vaccination. People are protesting against the policies of the government by coming on the road. Telegram is one such app over which the government does not have much control. This app is very popular among right wing groups of the country. People opposing the policies of the government regarding covid-19 are also using this app extensively.

Why the want to Ban Telegram?

In fact, extremist groups opposing vaccination in Germany send their messages and videos on Telegram. Their content is so extreme that it leads to riots and violence.

The government has asked Telegram to remove such content. But Telegram has refused to bow to government censorship. Facebook and WhatsApp respect the policies of the government, while Telegram does not want to control the content. For this reason, this app has become popular among the extremist groups of the country.

Germany has some of the world’s strictest compliance rules for social media networks, obliging them to respond rapidly to reports of extremist content.

But Telegram, which according to its own website was founded in St. Petersburg and is now based in Dubai, has not responded to requests for assistance from Germany’s justice ministry for help in tracking authors of extremist content.

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