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Home ¬Ľ Tamil Nadu: Student gives birth in school toilet, A complete story

Tamil Nadu: Student gives birth in school toilet, A complete story

Tamil Nadu: Student gives birth in school toilet, A complete story

Police in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu has launched an investigation into an incident where a Class 11 student at a public school near Chidambaram gave birth and the baby’s body was found dumped near the school toilet.

Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu: A newborn covered in fluids, lying dead behind the school toilet, was the last thing students at a senior secondary school in Bhuvanagiri would have expected. The terrifying incident created a panic in which a student from Class XI gave birth in the bathroom alone. Preliminary investigation revealed that she was afraid to tell anyone about her pregnancy since a Class X schoolboy accidentally got her pregnant.

The incident came to light after the students, who saw the dead baby, reported it to school authorities. The principal and other teaching staff immediately informed the Bhuvanagiri police, who came to the scene for inspection. Inspector Saraswathi and Sub-Inspector Santhosh sent the dead fetus for autopsy and launched an investigation into the incident.

Under questioning, the 16-year-old girl came forward and informed officials about the incident. She said that she began to experience severe pain while she was in the classroom on Thursday and ran to the bathroom. She there she gave birth to the stillborn and used a pen to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. Thereafter, she flushed it down the toilet and returned to class without reporting the incident to anyone.

Taking into account the circumstances, the police decided to immediately admit the girl to a hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, the police began questioning the boy in question, as well as members of the girl’s family. However, the police have not yet registered a case as the girl has not filed a complaint with them.

In addition, both the victim and the accused are minors, which makes it even more difficult to act on the case. Police are in a dilemma over what action would be appropriate in the matter as the investigation continues.

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