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Home » Talks with India if Article 370 restored: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Talks with India if Article 370 restored: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that improving relations with India in the current situation would be a betrayal of Kashmiris. Earlier, there were hopes that the relationship between the two would improve.

Ground Report | New Delhi: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated on Sunday, that it was not possible to restore trade ties with India until Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status was restored. He said that restoration of relations with India in the current situation would be a great betrayal of Kashmiris.

Answering a question from Pakistani citizens on the telephone, Imran Khan said that China is also a huge market, with which Pakistan has good relations. But it will be very useful, but it will not be possible until India reverses its decision on Kashmir. ”

“From the very first day I came to power, I started trying to maintain friendly relations with India and resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue,” he said. However, in the current situation, if we normalize relations with India at this time, it would be a great betrayal of the Kashmiri people.

He further said that resumption of relations on this occasion would be tantamount to ignoring the testimonies of more than one lakh Kashmiris and their entire struggle.

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In recent months, it has been in the headlines in the media that the two countries are trying to improve relations and secret talks are underway between the two rival countries in this regard. However, Imran Khan’s statement has once again refuted these speculations.

Why didn’t it happen?

He had made a similar statement in the middle of this month to which India had not reacted and this time too there has been no reaction. However, his remarks suggest that there is still a long way to go in restoring relations between the two countries.

Efforts to restore relationships

Last month, a UAE ambassador formally confirmed for the first time that he was mediating to bring his country, Pakistan and India, to the negotiating table. The diplomat said the aim was to establish healthy and active relations between the two countries.

There were also reports that the governments of the two countries had launched back-channel diplomacy over the past several months aimed at normalizing relations. There were reports of secret meetings between the two countries. However, these efforts do not seem to have yielded any significant results.

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Relations between the nuclear powers India and Pakistan have been strained since 2019, when an attack on an military convoy in Pulwama area of Kashmir in which 40 soldiers were killed. India blamed Pakistani-backed terrorists for the attacks and retaliated by targeting Pakistani territory with its warplanes. Pakistan also responded with air strikes on India.

On August 5, 2019, BJP led Government revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s special constitutional status, with the aim of strengthening its grip on Kashmir. In response to this move, Pakistan reduced the level of diplomatic relations with India and suspended trade relations.

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