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Taliban’s first message to the world after new ‘cabinet’

One month of Taliban capture, what happened in Afghanistan
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Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban’s first message to the world; The Taliban on Tuesday announced an all-male interim government for Afghanistan, which stalwarts of its harsh regime since the 1990s and a 20-year battle against a US-led coalition, a move that seems unlikely as new leaders desperately need to survive an economic downturn in order to garner international support.

The head of the Interior Minister was Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is on the FBI’s most-wanted list, has a $5 million bounty on his head, and is believed to still hold at least one American hostage. He headed the Haqqani network, which is accused of several deadly attacks and kidnappings.

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Taliban’s first message to the world

The announcement came hours after the Taliban fired their guns in the air to disperse protesters in the capital of Kabul and arrested several journalists, the second time in less than a week that the demonstrations were heavily fired to break up. Tactics were used.

Mostly attracted by Afghanistan’s dominant Pashtun ethnic group, the cabinet’s lack of representation from other ethnic groups is also sure to undermine its support from abroad.

80% of Afghanistan’s budget comes from the international community, and a long-running economic crisis has worsened in recent months. Almost daily flights from Qatar bring humanitarian aid, but the needs are enormous, and the Taliban can hardly afford to be isolated.

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Announcing the cabinet, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid stressed that the appointments were temporary. He did not specify how long they would serve and what would be the catalyst for the change.

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Humanitarian organizations to return to Afghanistan

Since taking over Afghanistan in mid-August after US troops withdrew, the Taliban have shown no sign that they will hold elections.

The US State Department expressed concern in a statement that the cabinet consisted only of the Taliban, no women and personalities with a troubled track record, but said the new administration would be judged by its actions. The carefully penned statement said the cabinet was interim, but said the Taliban would stick to its promise to provide safe passage to both foreign nationals and Afghans with proper travel documents, and ensure that Afghan soil is not used by others. shall not be done to cause harm.

“The world is watching closely,” the statement said. The interim prime minister, Mullah Hassan Akhund, also led the Taliban government in Kabul during the last years of his rule. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who founded the U.S. and signed the agreement, which led to the withdrawal, would be one of Akhund’s two deputies.

A policy statement accompanying the cabinet announcement sought to allay the fears of Afghanistan’s neighbors and the rest of the world but was unlikely to assuage the fears of women, who did not receive a single position. “Our message to our neighbours, the region and the world is that the soil of Afghanistan will not be used against the security of any other country,” the statement said.

It urged foreign diplomats, embassies, consulates and humanitarian organizations to return to Afghanistan. “His presence is what our country needs,” it said. The statement called for protecting the rights of minorities and the underprivileged, and promised education “to all countrymen within the framework of Sharia”. The three-page statement did not mention women.

Framework of Sharia

The statement only said that the Taliban would take “serious and effective steps to protect human rights, the rights of minorities as well as the rights of disadvantaged groups within the framework of the demands of the holy religion of Islam”. (Taliban’s first message to the world)

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Describing the media as an “important element of the country”, the statement said the Taliban “will work for the freedom, functioning and improvement of the quality of the media”. “We consider it our duty to take into account the sacred precepts of Islam, the national interests of the country and impartiality in our transmission,” it said.

The caretaker cabinet will work to protect Afghanistan’s borders and uphold Islamic rules and Sharia law, while ensuring lasting peace and development. The statement described education as “one of the most important needs of the country”, and added that the setup would “provide a healthy and safe environment for religious and modern science to all countrymen within the framework of Sharia”.

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