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Taliban order female employees to stay at home

Taliban order female employees to stay at home

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban order female employees; The new government has ordered many of the city’s female employees to stay at home, the interim mayor of Kabul, Hamdullah Nomani, told reporters Sunday.

According to Hamdullah Nomani, only women are allowed to go to work whose work cannot be done by male employees. The interim mayor added that the exempted jobs include skilled workers in the fields of design and engineering, as well as female attendants in public toilets for women.

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Taliban order female employees

According to the Associated Press, the interim mayor of Kabul’s statement makes it clear that the Taliban are enforcing Islamic law, including restrictions on public life, despite initial promises of tolerance and women’s participation.

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During their first visit to power in the 1990s, the Taliban barred girls and women from attending school and going to work. The interim mayor says no final decision has yet been made on female employees in Kabul’s local government departments, but they will be able to receive their salaries in the meantime.

Taliban’s style of governing

Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan last month, one-third of the nearly 3,000 employees in Kabul’s local government were women, Hamdullah Nomani said. Earlier, the Minister of Higher Education in the new Afghan Taliban government had said that women could continue their education in universities, including the postgraduate level, but would have to wear special classrooms and Islamic dress.

Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the Taliban’s minister of higher education, announced the new education policy at a news conference last Sunday. This time, the world is taking a closer look at the Taliban’s style of governing to see how far they can go from their first term in office in the late 1990s. In the past, women have been deprived of employment and education opportunities and were completely excluded from public life.

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