Taliban is building an army of one lakh members

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban is building an army; The Taliban government’s defense ministry in Afghanistan has said efforts are on to create a new 100,000-member military force. He stressed that priority would be given to military forces in the Islamic Emirate.

Defense Ministry spokesman Inayatullah Khawarzami told Tolo News, “Once they are enrolled, they will be sent on duty in squads. This process is almost 80 percent complete.

With the fall of the previous government, the country’s 350,000 Afghan national defense and security forces were also disbanded. Military experts suggest that the new military force should include members of the former security force.

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Samar Sadat, a former army officer said, “The army should be standardized and the army should follow military discipline. They should have a proper uniform and a different look” Tolo News reported.

University instructor Aziz Mujadidi says that “all ethnic groups of the country should be included in the national security forces. Ex-servicemen who are professionals in their performance should be inducted into the new military unit.” Of the 350,000 former Afghan security forces, 150,000 were under the Defense Ministry. (Taliban is building an army)

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The Defense Ministry said that a delegation of 20 members has been appointed to work on the process. A 20-member delegation was appointed to follow up on the process, the defense ministry said.

“The committee is tasked with forming a disciplined (army) in the Defense Ministry, as needed,” Khwarazami said.

The current Afghan government has repeatedly called on the former security forces, who fled the country due to security threats, to return and work for a developed Afghanistan.

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