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Taliban declares independence

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban declares independence; On Monday night, America’s last plane took off from Afghanistan. With this, his 20-year-long campaign ended and Kabul airport was taken over by the Taliban, which has recently taken control of Afghanistan.

The US military announced that all its soldiers had now left Afghanistan. “I’m here to announce the completion of the evacuation from Afghanistan,” said General Kenneth Mackenzie of Central Command.

On 15 August, the Taliban entered Kabul and with that, a gathering of people started at Kabul airport, who wanted to leave the country. In the last two weeks, America and its allies have evacuated one lakh 22 thousand people from Afghanistan.

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Taliban declares independence

There are reports that celebrations were held in Afghanistan after the departure of the last American plane. In the capital Kabul, shots were fired in the air in joy.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said in a tweet, “Tonight at 12 o’clock Afghanistan time, the remaining American soldiers also left Kabul and our country is completely free.”

AFP correspondents said they heard gunshots of joy at several checkpoints. Some such videos are also being shared on social media in which the Taliban can be seen firing in the air.

America will continue to help

There are still a large number of people in Afghanistan who want to leave the country. However, the six families who have settled in America as refugees have safely returned to America. They had come to Afghanistan during summer vacations and got stuck. Officials at a school in San Diego have confirmed they have returned safely. However, at least two such families are still in Afghanistan. These include students from the Cajon Valley Union School District.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that assistance to Americans, Afghans, and all those who want to leave the country will continue. He said that less than 200 Americans are now left in Afghanistan. He said the US embassy in Kabul would remain closed in the near future and the embassy officials working from there would now work from Doha in Qatar.

According to the US military, there were no American citizens in the last few planes that flew from Afghanistan. America will now adopt diplomatic methods to evacuate the remaining people.

US military equipment shut down

Before the departure of the last plane on Monday, the US military has permanently closed all its equipment and weapons etc. left in Afghanistan so that they cannot be used.

General Mackenzie reported that 73 aircraft were disqualified. He said, “Those planes will never be flown anymore. No one can use them. Anyway, most of them were ones that can’t be used on a mission. Still, now they can never be flown.”

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