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Taliban captured 50 major districts of Afghanistan

Extension of withdrawal of foreign troops unacceptable

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban captured 50 districts.; The Taliban have intensified attacks to capture parts of the country. Amid the ongoing withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The United Nations has warned that the capitals of many states may soon be captured by the Taliban. The UN has warned that it could endanger the political progress made in recent days regarding peacekeeping.

NATO forces plan to leave Afghanistan by September 11. This will mean that the responsibility of the security of the country will be in the hands of the local army. There are reports that the Taliban have carried out major attacks in many areas in the last few days. Afghan officials have informed that the Taliban is moving rapidly. In the northern part and has come out of its traditional stronghold.

Taliban fighters on Tuesday captured Shir Khan Bandar, an important Afghan city on the border with Tajikistan. Earlier, they have also captured Nahrin and Baglan-e-Markazi districts of the northern province of Baglan.


Captured 50 districts: UN

UN Special Envoy Debra Lyons says that since May, 50 of country’s 370 districts have been occupied by Taliban. “The districts they have captured are around the capitals of the provinces.” He told the United Nations Security Council.”

Lyons said recent occupations by Taliban have been done on the basis of fighting and that such a large military operation. “The escalation of fighting in Afghanistan means the security of many countries near and far are at risk,” he said.

The US has said that even after the withdrawal of its forces from the country. It will keep an eye on the Taliban and will continue to carry out counter-terrorist attacks. US officials said that gathering information on Taliban and military attacks on area from neighboring countries.

However, the task of building a new military base in the region may be difficult for the US. As it could increase tensions with Russia and China, which play a key role in Central Asia. Some neighboring countries of Afghanistan, such as Pakistan, have already refused to accommodate US forces. (Taliban captured 50 districts).

Threat to peace

US envoy to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield said her country would also use economic aid and diplomacy to contribute to the process of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after the September 11 terrorist attacks and ousted the Taliban from power. After two decades, talks are on for a deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government, while the forces of the US and its allies prepare to withdraw.

Recently, US President Joe Biden said that he wants the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan before September 11. He is due to meet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani this week to discuss the withdrawal process. Many human rights activists worry that progress in women’s rights in the region could be jeopardized if the Taliban regain power in Afghanistan.

With Inputs from AFP.

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