What was the reason for resignation of Tirath Singh Rawat?

What was the reason for resignation

Ground Report | New Delhi: What was the reason for resignation; BJP leader Tirath Singh Rawat may have resigned from the post of Uttarakhand CM. Citing constitutional crisis, but according to some media reports, this is not the reality. An internal survey conducted after the removal of Trivendra Singh Rawat from the post of Chief … Read more

‘Why didn’t you produce 20 children to get extra ration?’ Uttarakhand CM

The new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat is in the discussion due to conflicting statements rather than his work. After ‘torn jeans’, now a new statement has come out of him. He said that the poor families who were worried about the ration during the Corona period, if they wanted more ration being distributed … Read more

‘Narendra Modi will be worshiped in future ‘: Tirath Singh Rawat

The new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Tirath Singh Rawat has compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ‘Lord Ram’. Tirath Singh Rawat said at a public event that ‘today leaders of various countries seem to be in line to be photographed with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is unlike before, when no global leader was concerned with … Read more

Who is Tirath Singh Rawat? New Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

BJP MP Tirath Singh Rawat will be the new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. Trivendra Singh Rawat resigned from the Chief Minister on Tuesday.  Since then, there was speculation about several names in the BJP. On Wednesday, the BJP leadership stamped the name of Tirath Singh Rawat. ALSO READ: As A Brahmin Woman, No One Should Teach Me Hinduism: … Read more