Muslim youth beaten to death in Haryana, family members accused of lynching

Muslim youth beaten to death in Haryana, Asif’s family members accused of lynching alleged that Asif was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

Asif’s family members alleged that Asif was forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Ground report | Haryana: A 27 years old Muslim Youth Asif Khan a gym trainer, was lynched by a mob on 16 May in Haryana’s Nuh’s Atta village district. Asif, who lives in Mewat, was returning from his sister’s house on Sunday … Read more

Marriage between first cousins illegal says Haryana and Punjab high court

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has clarified that first cousins ​​cannot marry among themselves. The High Court also ruled that the claim of a young man living in a live-in-relationship with the first cousin to marry her is also illegal. In this regard, Justice Arvind Singh Sangwan ruled that the request made in the … Read more

Ballabhgarh: Girl Shot dead, love Jihad angle

Ground Report| News Desk| In Ballabhgarh, Haryana, a girl who got out of college after taking the exam on Monday, was shot dead on an alleged tire. The accused has been arrested around 20 hours after the incident. Police is investigating the case along with questioning of the accused. The incident of shooting the young woman in … Read more

प्रवासी मजदूर की आपबीती सुन पिघला लुटेरों का दिल, लूट के 5,000 रुपये देकर कहा- पैदल मत जाना, बच्चों को खाना खिला देना

प्रवासी मजदूर : लॉकडाउन के चलते पैदल ही घर लौट रहे हर मजदूर की कहानी बेहद दर्दनाक है वहीं इस दौरान लूट की खबरें सामने आ रही है। ताजा मामला आगरा-लखनऊ एक्सप्रेस वे का है जहां अपने तीन बच्चों और पत्नी के साथ घर लौट रहे मुन्ना नाम के एक मजदूर को लुटेरों ने घेर … Read more