These are the top 5 most dangerous hackers of all time

What is Tek Fog, How it is spreading hate and fear in India?

Gonzalez had credit card details of 17 crore people. He earned crores by selling it The top hackers in the world come from different backgrounds and geographic locations, with the common common theme of having an early passion for technology. Given that Cobalt Core is our own “hacker market” (ie a highly verified global community of … Read more

Cyber-Attack on Air India: All you need to know

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s state-run airline company Air India has said that there has been a cyber-attack on its data-servers. The company says that the data of about 4.5 million customers worldwide has been affected by this cyber-attack. The company was first to know about such an attack in the month of February. … Read more

To avoid hackers, pay attention to these 5 things

Ground Report Exclusive: Jammu and Kashmir internet broadband services restoration soon

Hackers often require some information to hack our computers or other electronic devices. By getting more information, they can easily hack our computers. So how do we protect ourselves? One password, multiple accounts Many people run multiple accounts with the same password. It does not have to remember different passwords. If you do this then be cautious.  ALSO READ: … Read more

Domino’s India data allegedly breached by hacker selling on dark web

Data leaking or theft is not a new thing. In this sequence, now the name of Domino’s Pizza has also been added. A case of alleged online leaking of the online records of millions of Domino’s customers has come to light. According to Alan Gall, chief technology officer at Hudson Rock, Israel’s cybercrime intelligence company, about 13 … Read more

Facebook Data Leak: 50 crore Facebook user’s mobile numbers are being sold on Telegram

Facebook hate speech in India

Another new data leak from Facebook has been revealed. Mobile numbers of 50 crore (500 million) Facebook users are being sold through Telegram Bot. According to the report of Motherboard, 6 million Indian users are also included in these 500 million users. Security researcher Alon Gal has shared the first information about this data leak … Read more

Whatsapp Web users’ data leaked? Mobile number visible in Google search

The ruckus about WhatsApp’s new policy has not stopped yet that a new case of WhatsApp data leak has surfaced on Google. ALSO READ: WhatsApp Delays New Privacy Update Plan After Backlash According to the report, the mobile numbers of users have been leaked through the desktop (Web) application of WhatsApp, which have started appearing … Read more