Dry fruits prices rise in Jammu due to disruption in imports from Afghan

Dry fruits prices rise

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dry fruits prices rise; The Dry Fruits Retailers Association in Jammu has said that prices have increased by up to Rs 250 per kg as the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has hampered imports for the past 15-20 days. Dry fruits prices rise Jyoti Gupta, president of the association, said, “We … Read more

India’s exit from Afghanistan begins, huge investment in balance

India to participate in talks with Taliban in Moscow

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s exit from Afghanistan begins; After the Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday, the security system in the diplomatic area in the center of the capital was completely destroyed. Closed items were seen kept in the boxes of the Indian Embassy in the same area. According to a news published in the newspaper Indian … Read more

Taliban warns India, What is the latest warning?

For speaking on Taliban

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban warns India; Many countries, including India and Qatar, have said that a government formed with military might will not be recognized in Afghanistan. These countries raised the demand for an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire at a conference held in Doha.  At the same time, the Taliban spokesperson, in a conversation … Read more

Leave Afghanistan immediately, Indian embassy issues warning

Leave Afghanistan immediately

Ground Report | New Delhi: Leave Afghanistan immediately; The Indian Embassy in Kabul on Tuesday asked Indian citizens living in Afghanistan to start making efforts to return to India immediately. The Indian embassy has also advised companies operating in Afghanistan to withdraw their employees from project sites. The situation in Afghanistan has become very bad … Read more

Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital, Ghani delivers Eid speech

Rocket attack on Afghanistan's capital;

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital; The Afghan Interior Ministry says three rockets were fired at the capital shortly before Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s Eid speech. The attack comes as Afghanistan’s Muslim religious holiday of Eid al-Adha is being celebrated. Rocket attack on Afghanistan’s capital Three rockets were fired around 8 … Read more