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T-20 World Cup Semifinals: Which teams will qualify from Group B?

t20 world cup 2022 semifinals group b

T-20 World Cup Semifinals: Team India’s five-run victory against Bangladesh has made Pakistan’s way to the semi-finals difficult. But there are still hopes left, Pakistan is not completely out of the race for the semi-finals. So still Pakistan can reach the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, but it’s not easy.

Look at the Group B points table first

POSTeamsMatches PlayedWonLostN/RTiedNet Run RatePoints
2South Africa32010+2.7725

Pakistan has two matches left, one against South Africa and the other against Bangladesh. At the same time, India and South Africa also have two matches left.

India has to play their last match against Zimbabwe on November 6, win or lose in this match India will reach the semi-finals.

Group B’s three big contenders, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Pakistan, are yet to confirm their place.

South Africa just has to win one match and they will reach the semi-finals.

Pakistan’s run rate is good, if they beat South Africa, then their points will be more than Bangladesh’s because Bangladesh’s run rate is less.

Pakistan will have to register victories against Bangladesh and South Africa in any case. And expect India to lose to Zimbabwe. Which is less likely.

The road for Bangladesh to reach the semi-finals is over. Even if Bangladesh beat Pakistan by a huge margin, the road is not easy.

It is believed that South Africa and India will play in the semi-finals from Group B.

T20 World Cup 2022 Points Table Rules

The guidelines for the 2022 T20 World Cup table – Every team competing in the T20 WC 2022 will want to finish in the top two spots in their group’s points table. This regulation applies equally to the Super 12 and Round 1 phases.

  • A victory awards a team two points.
  • In the event that a game is abandoned, deadlocked, or ends suddenly with no outcome, each team receives one point.
  • If a team loses, they receive no points.

After Round 1 and the Super 12 stage, the T20 World Cup rankings will determine which teams advance to the next stage and which teams are eliminated.


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