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Home » #SwedenGate: Indians loving Swedish tradition of not feeding their guests

#SwedenGate: Indians loving Swedish tradition of not feeding their guests

#Swedengate is trending on Twitter, Why people shocked to see this?

The Swedish nation has found itself at the center of an online debate after many Internet users were shocked to learn about the Swedish tradition of not serving food to guests in some situations.

The controversy began at the popular Reddit r/AskReddit forum, when u / sebastian25525 asked, “What was the strangest thing you had to do in someone else’s home because of their culture/religion?”

One Reddit user’s response drew particular attention on the Internet: “I remember going to my Swedish friend’s house. And while we were playing in his room, his mother shouted that dinner was ready. And check it out. He told me to wait in his room while they ate.”

From there, the Reddit post quickly spread on social media with the hashtag #Swedengate on Twitter. Thousands of users soon shared their own experiences of not being served food in a Swedish family. Many Swedes defended this practice, while non-Swedes began to criticize the country for its diet.

Why Swedengate is trending?

While most networks were shocked to learn that Swedes are unlikely to be able to demonstrate success in their home, meaning there is in fact a norm that Sweden has to offer.

As a rule, Swedish radicals do not provide nutrients to guests (especially children who play in the home) with real arsenic, so as not to confuse excessive food plans, instead of their household.

Another wrote: “My partner’s family was Swedish, and they are literally like that. During the pandemic, my mother and I lived for several months, and in the end, I received a $ 4,400 bill (which included the cost of my disabled partner’s medical care). Their mother earns 120 thousand dollars, and we earn less than 50 thousand.

The #Swedengate theme became popular until Monday as accusations of tactlessness continued to grow. Much of the criticism came from Black Twitter, which was collectively shocked that parents could allow a child to play in their home and let them starve in a separate room.

“In our house in the Gambia, everyone is fed lunch/dinner. But I even wrote about this phenomenon in my book, because coming from The Gambia was a given. But what a culture shock it was for me, “added Yellow, who is also a supporter of the fight against racism.

This immersion in Swedish life soon reached even greater depths when users called the country’s racist past and present. “From 1906 to 1975, Sweden forcibly sterilized people without consent through a government-funded eugenics program. There is a long history of troubles, “wrote one user.

Why is there outrage?

As the debate over Swedish cultural practices gained momentum, many users were somewhat offended by the country’s tendency not to serve its guests. Some people believed that children, even if they were guests, should be fed if they did not eat all day.

“But why do you invite kids on a date without thinking you need to feed them? Children get tired and hungry after the game,” said one Twitter user.

Why Swedengate is trending

Another man, raised in Stockholm by Persian parents, claimed that a Swedish neighbour left them alone and “hungry” in her bedroom while she had lunch with her family. “I had a good friendship with my Swedish neighbour, I WILL LIVE FOR SEVERAL YEARS, and every time I was at her house for dinner, she left me alone in her bedroom, DO NOT SPEAK ME A WORD, left me alone for about 20-30 minutes while I’m sitting upstairs with a hungry stomach, “they said.

Why Swedengate is trending
Why Swedengate is trending

Another person wrote: “You know, blacks look down on people who do this. Not feeding your baby when she comes to play and everyone else is eating is a guaranteed way to ensure that the baby never comes in your door again. We feed everyone. Even when we lack.“

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