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Corona changed mood of season! Coldest April in India

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The temperature in Britain has broken a record of 361 years in the midst of Corona epidemic (Covid-19 Pandemic) and in India the temperature is close to breaking the record of the last 10 years.

According to Britain’s Meteorological Department , Heathrow and Northolt in west London recorded temperatures of 33.5 degrees Celsius on Monday. In such a situation, people have been advised not to leave the house to avoid the heat.

On the other hand, the heat in India is close to breaking the record of the last 10 years. March was the coldest in India in 10 years. According to the Meteorological Department, now April is also on the same path. The maximum temperature is not expected to reach 40 degrees by the 30th.

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What is the reason for low heat in India?

According to the Meteorological Department, moisture is coming from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal at this time. Due to this, part of Indore to Bhopal is being affected by this.
Dronika also remains from Bhopal to Tamil Nadu. At the same time, per cyclone in Rajasthan is already showing an effect. Due to these reasons, it is cloudy and raining in between, due to which the heat is not as much as it usually falls in April.

According to the Meteorological Department, from 2010 to 2019, the mercury in the day has gone up to a minimum of 37 and a maximum of 41 degrees. This time 22 days out of 31 March, the temperature was even below normal. At the same time, if we talk about April, at the beginning of the month, the temperature remains around 41 degrees, but this time the mercury has not gone beyond 39.7 degrees.

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Why is it hot in Britain?

According to Britain’s National Weather Service, heatwave incidence in Europe has increased due to climate change. The temperature is expected to reach 42-43C in many places in the country.

Due to this heat, many kinds of problems are also happening in Britain. The grass is catching fire in some parts of the country. Apart from Scotland, Iping forests have also been seen in East London.

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