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Successful of DDC elections in J&K end of 'Jungle Raj': LG Manoj Sinha

Successful of DDC elections in J&K; Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday said violence-free District Development

By Ground Report
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Successful of DDC elections in J&K

Ground Report | New Delhi: Successful of DDC elections in J&K Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Sunday said violence-free District Development Council (DDC) elections in 2020 marked the end of "jungle raj" in the union territory while strengthening grassroots democracy.

Addressing the 75th Independence Day celebrations at the highly fortified SK Stadium in Srinagar, LG Sinha said that the year 2020 saw successful and violence-free DDC elections in which a record number of people participated. "With the successful elections in 2020, the jungle raj in Jammu and Kashmir is over forever".

Commenting on the decision of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government at the Center on August 5, 2019, the LG said that the move marked a new beginning in Jammu and Kashmir.

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"Since then, grassroots democracy was strengthened, people started taking advantage of democracy and the common man started living in a peaceful environment," the LG said. "The age-old tradition of Kashmiri was further strengthened and all sections of the society were taken together to achieve new heights."

Successful of DDC elections in J&K

Referring to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's slogan of Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat, and Jhamoriyat, the LG said these ideas were not allowed to flourish and "Jammu and Kashmir had a dictatorial type of democracy".

Describing terrorism as a major obstacle to development and peace in Jammu and Kashmir, Sinha said that "our neighbors are making constant efforts to instigate the youth, but those who take the youth to the wrong path are being given a stern response." "

“Whoever tries to attract young boys to violence will be dealt with strictly,” he said, adding that terrorism was not only a hindrance but a great curse for the peace and development of Jammu and Kashmir. . "Let me assure you that Jammu and Kashmir are marching towards peace and a great future awaits in this beautiful land," he said.


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The LG lauded the police for receiving 257 gallantry awards on the eve of the 75th Independence Day, saying it was because of the commitment of the security forces that today Jammu and Kashmir were living in a peaceful environment.

Sinha said that a new wave of development and peace will be witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir in the next 25 years. "A collective approach will be put in place to achieve the new goals and targets by 2045," the LG said.

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