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Story of Himank Bansal assaulted by hostel mates for remarks on prophet muhammad

Story of Himank Bansal assaulted by hostel mates for remarks on prophet muhammad

In Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, a case has come to light of a boy being assaulted in a hostel and being forced to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’. Hyderabad Police has arrested five out of ten students in this case. 

What’s the whole matter?

A case of attempt to murder has also been registered against the accused. The victim contacted the police stating that the group had come to his room, beaten, abused and sexually assaulted him. The accused also made a video of the fight and made it viral on social media. Some of the accused can be heard saying, “Hit it till it dies.”

In the video, the victim, identified as Himank Bansal, can be seen raising slogans like “Jai Mata Di” and “Allahu Akbar” while another person questions him as to why he is racist. The accused then pins the victim to the bed, asking others to hold Himank’s hand as he attempts to attack him.

The incident took place on November 1 in the hostel of a local law college. The Shamshabad police came to know about this when the victim boy Himank Bansal complained to the President of India and top leaders, which was later forwarded to the Telangana police.

Shamshabad DCP Jagadishwar Reddy said, “We have arrested five out of 10 students. Five of these boys are from Hindu and other Muslim communities. Soon the remaining five accused will also be caught.

Victim student filed complaint

Police said, “The victim student has filed a complaint stating that he was physically and sexually harassed by 15-20 individuals in his hostel room on campus. FIR registered u/s 307, 323, 450, 342, 506 r/w 34 IPC, Sec4 (i)(ii) of Telangana Prohibition of Ragging Act.”  

Initial police investigation revealed that Bansal had a friendship with a girl from his batch on social media. According to the police, “The girl told Himank that she was in a relationship earlier. In response, Himank told the girl that he had a friendly relationship with a class IX student studying in Delhi. There was also a debate between the two regarding this.

In his complaint, Himank said that he had asked the harassing students what was their fault. The boys said that Himank had made objectionable remarks about Prophet Mohammad.

The police officer said, “It has been told that the girl was upset, so one of her college friends saw the conversation between Himank and her. He spread it among other friends.

In this case, the police have registered cases under several sections of the IPC. These include attempts to murder, criminal intimidation, hurt with dangerous weapons and wrongful confinement.

BJP State General Secretary Vishnu Vardhan Reddy has also tweeted the video of this matter. He wrote, “Himank Basanal, studying in IFHE Hyderabad, was harassed and forced to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ by senior students of other religions.”

Himank Bansal

He wrote “IFHE falls in the Hyderabad parliamentary constituency of Asaduddin Owaisi, but he has not said anything in this matter till now. The media is also silent on this matter.”

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