Story of Female Ukrainian sniper known as ‘Charcoal’

A Ukrainian female sniper known as Charcoal has become a national hero after telling fighters on the front lines: ‘We must defeat these orcs (story).’ The Armed Forces of Ukraine add a new war hero. This time it’s Coal, a seemingly deadly sniper who has been fighting the Russians since the Russo-Ukrainian conflict began.

Charcoal Female sniper story

Known simply as ‘Ugoliok’, meaning ‘Charcoal’ and her true identity kept hidden, she has been fighting pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk since 2017.

Coal appeared on the official Facebook page of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There you can see photos of the combatant dressed as a soldier with her face covered with a handkerchief and her rifle wrapped in cloth.

Charcoal, Ukrainian sniper
Photo: Facebook Armed Forces Ukraine

According to the publication, Carbon joined the Ukrainian Navy in 2017 to impress her younger brother, who was already in the Armed Forces.

She fought against separatists in Donbass and at the end of last year, she walked away from her military work. But with the beginning of the war against Russia, she obviously the young woman did not hesitate to resume her work and rejoin the army.

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The mysterious fighter joined the Ukrainian army to impress her younger brother. She stands out today fighting the Russians.

It is not known what it is called, only that they say "Coal".  Photo: Facebook Armed Forces Ukraine
Photo: Facebook Armed Forces Ukraine

“These are not people. The fascists and such were not as bad as these orcs. We will surely win. I will personally stand until the end! I am glad that some of our people have opened their eyes and now understand who is who! ”, indicates the post that the warrior would have said.

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