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Story of an elderly man who was desperate to sell his house and sleep in a pedicab

Grandparents selling their single asset such as a house so that their grandchildren's old grandfather in Mumbai, India, did just that.

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Story of an elderly man who was desperate to sell his house and sleep in a pedicab

Grandparents will do anything to supervise and help their grandchildren succeed, including selling their single asset such as a house so that their grandchildren's dreams can come true. An old grandfather in Mumbai, India, did just that.

Reporting from the Instagram page of Humans of Bombay, Deshraj Ji, a rickshaw driver, is desperate to sell his house so that his grandson can go to school and achieve his dream of becoming a teacher. He ends up having to sleep in his rickshaw at night, but he happily does it so he can see his granddaughter's dream come true.

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“Six years ago, my eldest son disappeared from the house. A week later, people found his body in a rickshaw; he was only 40 years old. Part of me died with him but burdened by responsibility, I didn't have time to grieve.

The next day, I was back on the road, driving my rickshaw, ”said Deshraj Ji. But, sadly, tragedy struck again two years later, when another son was also found dead by suicide.

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"I have given funeral pyres to my two sons, what could be worse for a father?"

His responsibilities towards his wife, son-in-law and grandchildren kept him going.

"After the cremation, my granddaughter asked, 'Dadaji, do I have to quit school?' I mustered all my courage and assured her, “Never! You will stay in school as long as you want,"

“I started working for long hours, I would leave home at 6 am and drive a rickshaw until midnight. Only then can I earn 10,000 RS (Rp. 2.1 million) a month. After spending Rs 6,000 (Rp. 1.4 million) on their school fees, I only had nearly Rs 4,000 (Rp. 700 thousand) to feed my family of seven, "he explained.

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His family often went hungry, and when his wife got sick, he had to go from house to house, asking for money to pay for her medicine.

However, it all seemed worth it when last year, my granddaughter told me she had already scored 80% on the 12th exam! Throughout the day, I give free rides to all of my customers. He said to me, "Dadaji, I want to take a B.Ed course in Delhi".

Educating her in another city was beyond my means, but I had to make his dream come true, at all costs. So I sold our house and paid the fee. Then, I sent my wife, son-in-law and other grandchildren to our relatives' house in our village, while I continued to live in Mumbai without a roof, ”he said.

It's been a year since he sold their house for his grandson's education, and he doesn't regret anything.

"To be honest, life is not bad. I eat and sleep in my rickshaw and during the day, I carry my passengers. Sometimes my legs hurt, but then my granddaughter would call and tell me," I'm first in my class. " and all my pain is gone".

"I can't wait for her to become a teacher so I can hug her and say," You have made me very proud ". She will be the first graduate in our family. "

This uncle's story, which took the internet by storm, prompted netizens to create a crowdfunding page for him. They managed to collect Rs 2.4 million.

“The support that Deshraj Ji has received is enormous! Since you all went to great lengths to help her, she now has a roof over her head and will be able to educate her grandchildren! Thank you very much, "wrote Humans of Bombay.

Even though he had to go through many hardships, this uncle's optimism and enthusiasm for his grandson's dream were truly extraordinary.

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