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Story behind Justice Jitendra Mishra’s MMS scandal

Story behind Justice Jitendra Mishra’s MMS scandal

In a shocking incident, a judge’s lewd act was caught on camera. The judge was sexually abusing a woman in his room. It is said that the victim works for the judge. The incident occurred in March of this year. Video of the incident is going viral on social media.

In a viral video on Social media, Judge Jitendra Kumar Mishra was seen getting intimate inside his courtroom, many have alleged that the woman on his opposite side is a Junior in court and is working as a court reporter in her courtroom, the said woman was forced to have physical contact with Judge Jitendra.

The video appears to be from March 9, 2022 and has recently gone viral.


Twitter user wrote “A Judge is posted in Delhi. Inside the chamber, making out with a woman There is no concern for the dignity of the post, nor sanctity of the place.”

Another user wrote “Judge Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Rouse Avenue Delhi, sexually harassed his subordinate in office. caught on camera.. Video going on viral on social media.. He needs to be put behind bars”

Another user wrote “hat can a rape victim expect when judges like Jitendra Kumar Mishra are holding the position? why the hell government is not taking any action against such people who have turned government offices into bedrooms. Or else he will be offered a Rajya Sabha seat in near future”.

Justice jitendra Mishra MMS
Justice jitendra Mishra MMS

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