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Storm Noa causes travel disruptions and power outages in UK

Storm Noa causes travel disruptions and power outages in UK

South England and Wales experienced travel disruptions due to winter weather, resulting in delays or cancellations to services provided by Southern, Thameslink and Great Western Rail.

High winds have caused major disruptions across the UK, with train services on the South West rail network cancelled or delayed until 10pm. National Highways reported gusts of 109kph, resulting in the closure of major motorways, including two sections of the M4 in Wales and the M48 Severn Bridge.

In Brighton, the Coast Guard, RNLI and police are carrying out a search and rescue operation for a possible person in the water near Palace Pier, with the Coast Guard helicopter involved in the search.

In Hampshire, a woman was seriously injured after scaffolding fell onto a main shopping street in Fareham’s West Street at around 1:45 pm.

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service assisted the woman before she was handed over to paramedics.

Due to sudden changes in weather conditions, Blackpool Pleasure Beach stopped the Big One train at the ride’s lift hill at 2:50 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11. rest of the day due to strong gusts of wind.

Rail services such as Southern, Thameslink and Great Western Rail reported delays or cancellations due to bad weather conditions.

Weather warnings issued in the UK

Regions across the UK have experienced a rapid drop in temperature due to wind and rain. Rothamsted, Hertfordshire saw a 4ºC drop in just one hour. Heavy rain also hit Scotland, with western areas receiving up to 40mm of rain and other areas receiving 20mm.

Temperatures in Scotland hovered around 5ºC but are expected to drop to freezing overnight, particularly in rural areas in the north. Northern Ireland’s yellow wind warning has been lifted, although some coastal areas experienced winds of up to 80kph.

According to Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon, the UK is expected to experience decreasing rain and winds through Thursday as low pressure systems move into the North Sea.

The weather system is named in France, but the Met Office does not classify it as a named storm.

The first named storm of the season by the Met Office, Irish or Dutch weather services remains Storm Antoni, according to the 2022-2023 naming list.

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