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Mizoram stone quarry collapse, 15 trapped, What exactly happened?

Stone quarry in Mizoram collapse, leaves 15 feared trapped

Many labourers are feared trapped due to the collapse of a stone quarry in Mizoram’s Hanathial village on Monday evening. The incident took place when several labourers were working in the area.

At least 15 workers are feared trapped under the debris. The district administration has reached the spot. Many workers are feared to be trapped due to a stone quarry collapse in Mizoram’s Hanathial village on Monday night, at around 3:30 p.m.

It is feared that at least 15 workers may be trapped under the rubble. The district administration has arrived on the spot.

Most of the missing people are Bihar, who works for a construction company ABCI Infrastrcuture Pvt. Ltd at Maudarh, Hnahthial district. However reports said it will take time to clear the debris.

The State Disaster Response Force, Border Security Force and Assam Rifles have been called in to assist in search and rescue operations.

Earlier this year, workers in West Bengal were buried under rubble after a stone quarry collapsed on March 4 while they were working in the White Stone Hill caves.

In particular, the slope fell while the miners were inside the cave, and large chunks of white stones fell down the hill, colliding with dump trucks and cars, forcing them to collapse.

Rescue operations are underway at the scene. Volunteers from the town of Leite arrived at the scene for a rescue operation. The state government has sent more rescue teams to the site, the media said, citing government sources.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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