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Srinagar Sharjah flight: Pakistan denies use of its air space

Srinagar Sharjah flight

Ground Report | New Delhi: Srinagar Sharjah flight; Pakistan on Tuesday, November 2, banned Indian Airlines from using its airspace between Srinagar and Sharjah. According to reports, Pakistan has informed the authorities of its decision.

Srinagar Sharjah flight

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, during his recent visit to Kashmir, had spoken of launching flights between Srinagar and the Gulf state of Sharjah on October 23, after which Indian company Go First launched direct flights for a few days a week. Announced to do.

However, problems arose with one of its flights on Tuesday, when Pakistan refused to allow the use of its airspace. According to reports, the flight first went to the Indian city of Udaipur and then landed in Sharjah via Oman via Ahmedabad.

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India’s private airline GoAir, now renamed GoFirst, was the first to launch a cargo flight between Sharjah and Srinagar. It had announced four weekly flights from Srinagar to Sharjah.

What does India have to say?

Indian media have reported from government sources that Pakistan’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, Foreign Ministry, and Home Ministry have been informed about the move and are considering the matter. There has been no formal response from the Indian government so far.

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According to reports, there is no point indirect flights between Indian-administered Kashmir and any Gulf state if Pakistan does not allow the use of its airspace. Because it will require airlines to take a longer and more complex route, which will be more time-consuming and expensive.

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GoFirst had to fly more than an hour later than scheduled. According to experts, this will lead to higher fuel costs as well as more passenger money, and thus India’s dream of connecting Kashmir to the Gulf by air could be shattered.

Reaction to Pakistani decision

Former Chief Minister of Indian-administered Kashmir Omar Abdullah has expressed regret over Pakistan’s decision. He said in a tweet, “Pakistan did the same with the Air India Express flight from Srinagar to Dubai between 2009 and 2010. I had hoped that the Go First flight would be allowed to pass through Pakistani airspace, which would be a sign of improvement in the bad relations between the two, but unfortunately, this did not happen.

When Amit Shah inaugurated the flight between Sharjah and Srinagar, Omar Abdullah even joked that it was just an announcement or was it possible to act on it? Or it will have the same fate as the flights between Dubai and Srinagar.  

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 He had said, “Has Pakistan changed its mind and allowed flights from Srinagar to use its airspace?” If not, the flight will die just like Srinagar during Manmohan Singh’s rule. The Dubai flight was killed.  

It should be noted that even in 2009, India had started a flight between Srinagar and Dubai from February 14, but it also had to travel long distances to stop in Delhi or other cities, which was eventually closed.

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