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Sonali Phogat case: Who is Sudhir Sangwan, why Goa police arrested him?

Sonali Phogat case: Who is Sudhir Sangwan, why Goa police arrested him?

BJP leader Sonali Phogat was forcibly drugged at a party by her two associates, who are now under arrest after being named defendants in the case related to her death, Goa police said on Friday.

“Based on CCTV footage, the defendant Sudhir Sangwan and his partner Sukhwinder Singh were seen to be partying with the deceased at a club. A video establishes that one of them forced the victim to use a substance by force,” said Inspector General of Police Omvir Singh Bishnoi.

The defendants Sudhir Sagwan and Sukhwinder Singh had travelled to Goa together with Phogat on August 22.

“When confronted, Sukhwinder and Sudhir confessed that they intentionally mixed a nasty chemical into a liquid and made the victim drink it,” said IGP Omvir Singh Bishnoi.

The two accused, Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh, have been arrested and further investigations are underway, Goa police said.

Sonali Phogat’s brother, Rinku Dhaka, had filed a complaint alleging that Sonali was killed by Sudhir Sangwan, her personal trainer along with Sukhwinder Singh, who intended to “seize her property and financial assets to end her political career”.

The drug incident occurred at the Curlies restaurant in Anjuna in North Goa, according to the defendant’s confession.

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The two defendants confessed that after they intentionally mixed a nasty chemical into a liquid and forced the victim to drink it, which made her uncomfortable, after which they took her to the hotel and then to St. Anthony’s Hospital, where she was declared dead”, the Goa police said.

Police also said CCTV footage confirmed the victim was forcibly given the substance. But the exact cause of her death will be confirmed only later by experts from the forensic science laboratory.

Dhaka alleged that “Phogat’s PA raped her after adding drugs to her food”. He also claimed that the actor had no plans to visit Goa and that he brought her there because of a conspiracy.

Who is Sudhir Sangwan

Sudhir Sangwan is the PA of Sonali Phogat. According to reports, two days after the death of Tiktok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, another major revelation has come to light. And according to sources, a video of Sonali Phogat appeared before Sonali Phogat’s death. In that video, Sonali Phogat is seen dancing with his PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder.

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According to Punjab Kesari News, before Sonali Phogat’s death, Sonali Phogat and her PA Sudhir Sangwan stayed in the same room at the resort in Goa. And according to sources, Sonali Phogat and her PA Sudhir Sangwan went to a dance bar together after 12:00 p.m. and after spending three to four in that bar, Sonali Phogat’s sudden health deteriorated. After which, her personal assistant, Sudhir Sangwan, took Sonali Phogat back to the resort room. And when in the morning the doctors pronounced Sonali Phogat dead.

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