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Sologamy, Yes you can marry yourself and be happy

Sologamy, Yes you can marry yourself and be happy

A 24-year-old woman has caused a stir in the Gujarat city of Vadodara with the announcement that she will marry on June 11 following the traditional rituals of a Hindu wedding.

Speaking about her intentions, Kshama Bindu said she wanted to break stereotypes and inspire others who are “tired of finding true love”. Bindu, who identifies as bisexual, also claimed that her marriage will be the first case of sologamy in India.

“At one point in my life, I realized that I don’t need a Prince Charming because I am my own queen. I want the day of the wedding, but not the day after. That is why I have decided to marry myself on June 11. I will dress as a bride, I will participate in rituals, my friends will attend my wedding, and then I will return to my house instead of going with the groom, ”she told reporters.

Bindu, who is a working professional, added that her mother, who lives in another city, has given her consent for this unusual “no-groom” wedding. “I have already booked a pandit (priest) to solemnize my marriage. I have observed that unlike in the West, self-marriages are not popular in India. Therefore, I have decided to start this trend and inspire others. If people don’t like my idea, I’m sure I’m doing the right thing,” she said.

Sologamy is an increasingly widespread trend, which consists of marriage to oneself. At first, it is undeniable that it sounds like a somewhat far-fetched idea. Although its detractors claim that this trend is nothing more than a movement of a narcissistic nature, its defenders demonstrate the opposite.

Actually, there are many reasons to join sologamy. In recent years, many celebrities have made known this new way of seeing and living life. Here are some interesting facts to understand this trend.

Sologamy focuses on the idea of ​​enjoying life and being happy without having a partner. Many think that this way of living is synonymous with loneliness. And it’s actually quite the opposite. For people who practice sologamy, the source of love comes from many sources such as friends, family, plants or their pets.

What is a sologamy wedding like?

The way in which sologamy is celebrated varies depending on each person. For some people, it is a serious matter. To the point where these people celebrate a normal wedding with themselves, with guests, cake and dancing. Even after the ceremony, many people decide to wear a ring. The only thing that differentiates this wedding from any other is that there is no couple.

In other cases, and although it sounds paradoxical, some people decide to have a wedding with themselves, even if they are already married or in a relationship. This is a sign of their commitment, respect and love for themselves.


Not everything can be pink. One of the negative aspects of this trend is its legal status. Although one of the first antecedents of sologamy took place in the United States in 1993, sologamy is not recognized in Europe or the United States as a legal union.

But since that date more and more people decide to marry themselves around the world. As a curious fact, more women than men decide to make this decision. If you have already tried monogamy and polygamy and were unsuccessful, maybe sologamy can work for you. You lose nothing by experimenting. At worst, if it didn’t work out, it would strengthen your relationship with yourself.

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