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Situation getting worse in Ukraine 

13th day of Russia's attack on Ukraine, latest situation

Ground Report | New Delhi: Situation in Ukraine; The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine says that the situation in Ukraine is getting worse now. Speaking to the BBC, Olha Stefanishna said that another wave of Russia’s “extremist plan” has begun in Ukraine.

She said Russia has bombed hospitals and kindergartens in Ukrainian cities, making the situation worse. She says that despite Ukraine’s determination to resist Russia’s attack, it is not the end of the war.

He said that despite the heavy losses caused to Russia apart from the death of soldiers, Vladimir Putin is not stopping, but is promoting more aggression. Olha Stefanishna said that “Ukraine’s army is as strong as ever”.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He reached Moscow, the capital of Russia on Saturday.

The importance of this meeting can be gauged from the fact that the Israeli prime minister broke Shabbat (the day of rest according to the Jews) for this visit. Under Jewish law, it can only be broken in the event of a threat to life.

More information has not been given about this meeting of Bennett till then. However, it is being told that the talks between the two leaders lasted for about three hours.

Bennett and Putin have met several times before, and good relations are said to be between the two countries. Even though Israel is an important ally of America, Prime Minister Bennett also has good relations with Russia.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is himself a Jew, appealed to the Prime Minister of Israel to mediate in the matter.

Prime Minister Bennett was accompanied by Housing Minister Zeev Elkin, who has also worked as a Russian language translator for a long time with Israeli leaders. He was born in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and his relatives still live in Ukraine.

After this meeting, Naftali Bennett went on a trip to Germany. In Germany, he is due to meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

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