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‘Signal for Help’ Silently tell someone that you’re in danger

signal for help
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Today we are telling you about ‘Signal for Help’. This hand gesture saved one Girl’s life in Kentucky. The “Signal for Help” gesture, involves tucking in the thumb into the open palm and closing the four other fingers over the thumb. This can be used to tell someone silently that you’re in danger and need help.

Last week, a 911 caller alerted authorities in Kentucky, Ohio. Caller told 911 that a female passenger in a car traveling with a man using a hand gesture that indicates violence at home and appeared to be in distress.

Police arrested that man and found a phone in the driver’s possession that allegedly contained material portraying a juvenile female in a sexual manner. The juvenile female passenger had been reported missing from Asheville, N.C. two days earlier by her parents.

The driver was arrested and charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment and “possession of matter sex performance by a minor over the age of 12 but under age 18”.

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The complainant was behind the vehicle and noticed a female passenger in the vehicle making hand gestures that are known on the social media platform ‘Tik Tok’ to represent violence at home – I need help – domestic violence,”

Canadian women’s Organisation shared a video demonstrating how a domestic abuse victim can use the signal over a video call.

In this video, a woman is using a hand signal in a video call to alert the caller that she is a victim of domestic violence and needs help.

The team that developed the signal wanted something “low key” that a person could do with one hand. They also didn’t want a signal that stood for anything in another language and consulted American Sign Language experts to make sure the gesture wouldn’t cause confusion.

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