Shivpuri: “SDM Bijendra Yadav was demanding girls at his bungalow”

Rajkumari Koli, the warden of a government hostel located at Kamlaganj in Shivpuri, has made serious allegations against the SDM of Pichor. She says that SDM Bijendra Yadav used to ask hostel girls to be sent to his bungalow. When the hostel warden denied this, she was threatened that if she can’t provide girls, she has to come to his bungalow at night herself. Scheduled caste girls used to live in this hostel. When the hostel warden did not listen to the SDM, she was transferred to Shivpuri.

SDM Bijendra Yadav Vs Hostel Warden Rajkumari Koli

In this hostel, 50 girl students of the scheduled category were residing. Rajkumari Koli was the warden here. The SDM called her to the office and offered her a promotion. Rajkumari told SDM Bijendra Yadav that she is satisfied with her post and rejected the promotion offer. Then the SDM asked Rajkumari for information about the girls present in the hostel. After this, he asked Hostel warden Rajkumari to send the girls to his bungalow at night. The hostel warden refused. The SDM told the warden that if the girls cannot come, then she should come to the bungalow to please him.

Failing to do so, he threatened to remove Rajkumari from the charge. And a few days later she was transferred to Shivpuri. Superintendent Rajkumari Koli has complained to the Collector and the SP. The superintendent has sworn to the collector and other senior officers on a stamp of Rs 50.

He also forcefully shited the hostel to a new place which was small. So how will 100 girls stay in that hostel? The then superintendent says that she had told Bijendra Yadav that the house where the hostel is running is a rented house. It is clearly written in the agreement with the landlord to give notice of vacating one month in advance. After which the hostel was left without the issuance of notice. Along with this, the night he got the charge of SDM Pichhore, the warden was transferred on the same night.

It has also been alleged by the then superintendent SDM Pichore that the SDM used to come to the hostel at the night. He wanted to fulfill his dirty dreams in the name of inspection whereas no male or male officer can go to inspect the girl’s hostels.

Another side of the story

Hostel superintendent Monica Tomar, Kavita Kushwaha, Dr. Rajni Arya, Anita Timmi, Pushpa Devi Arya, etc. have given a character certificate to SDM Bijendra Yadav in writing to the collector saying that his behavior towards women is very good. He respects women. It has even been written in the statements that the allegations made by the said hostel superintendent Rajkumari are baseless.

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