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Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee Get Divorced

Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee

Ground Report | New Delhi: Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee; Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan has reportedly broken ties with his wife Ayesha Mukherjee after eight years of marriage. Dhawan, who is in the United Arab Emirates with the rest of the Delhi Capitals squad ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 resumption later this month, was not too worried about his personal life taking the storm. Fans are shocked by the news of Ayesha and Dhawan’s divorce. 

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Shikhar Dhawan And Ayesha Mukherjee

Ayesha Dhawan posted on her Instagram handle on Monday, saying that she thought divorce was a ‘dirty word’ until ‘I got divorced 2 times. Dhawan and Ayesha tied the knot in 2012. She was blessed with a baby boy Zoravar in 2014.


“Funny how words can have such powerful meanings and associations. I experienced this firsthand as a divorcee. The first time I went through a divorce I was soooooooo fu@kn scared. I felt like I had failed and I was doing something so wrong at that time,” added Ayesha Dhawan. 

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She went on to write, “So now imagine, I have to go through it a second time. Woooahhhhhh. That is terrifying. Being divorced once before already, felt like I had more at stake the second time round. I had more to prove. So when my second marriage broke down it was really scary. All the feelings I felt when I went through it the first time came flooding in. Fear, failure and disappointment x 100.”

Instagram Post

Ayesha’s Instagram post later offered help to women who were struggling to deal with divorce.

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