Sex reassignment surgery is now free in Delhi Govt hospitals

There is a step in the right direction for the inclusion of LGBTQ+, as the Delhi Government hospitals will provide free sex reassignment surgery to transgender people or non-binary people. 

The cost of the surgery in private hospitals is up to 12-15 lakhs rupees. And, it is easy to gauge that this is a lot of money. 

The Chairperson, of the Delhi Commission of Women on the 26th Nov, tweeted, 

‘After DCW notices and summons, Delhi Government hospitals have finally started providing free Sex Reassignment Surgeries which cost Rs 10 – 15 Lacs in private hospitals! This will greatly benefit the Transgender community!’

People on Twitter didn’t take the tweet very pleasantly. Most of them were seen criticizing the ‘unnecessary’ expense of the government.

According to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, healthcare facilities should provide efficient and quality healthcare to transgender people, which includes SRS. Chapter VI, ‘EDUCATION, SOCIAL SECURITY AND HEALTH OF TRANSGENDER PERSONS’, lays out briefly the responsibilities of the healthcare system.

In addition, Swati Maliwal mentioned if other facilities in government hospitals are free why not SRS? SRS is very important for transgender people and should be available to everyone. DCW chairperson added that the organization will ensure the implementation of the provisions and if people can contact them on helpline number 181.

What is Sex reassignment surgery?

Sex reassignment surgery, or gender-affirming surgery, is a medical procedure through which the transgender person’s or non-binary person’s physical appearance or functionality is aligned with the gender they identify with. 

The recovery from surgery is painful and creates a bit of discomfort for the patient.

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